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Oct 23, 2006 10:33 PM

Heading to Creemore for the weekend

Any suggestions? - full meals, small snacks, interesting bites....

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  1. there is a "fish and chip" shack (no joke)...and a few other small restaurants (two - maybe?). I tried the fish and chips...coz it was a complete blizzard outside and needed some good comfort food. Enjoy.

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      okay but would you go back again if it wasn't a blizzard?

    2. YUP....it was a really "joint" and I kinda like those places.
      My main goal was to visit the "brewery" (which I did) and of course I bought some really FRESH beer!!!
      Too be honest, many of the places were closed coz it was a BLIZZARD and it was mid-week. But I managed...LOL

      1. There's a pub by the brewery, but about the only thing going for it is that they serve Creemore. It's pub food, and somewhat crappy at that.
        There's at least one fancy restaurant - dinner only I think - haven't tried it.
        There's a catering/cooking class/cafe place with baked goods and prepared foods, they will pack you a picnic if you want it. The few baked goods I've tried here have been fine but nothing mind-blowing. The pretension of the place doesn't really help.
        My general impression of the town is that it has out-yuppified itself way beyond what it actually has to offer. But I do love that beer!