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Oct 23, 2006 09:48 PM

Steamed Chinese Sponge Cake Recipe?

Does anyone have a good recipe using rice flour? I've seen several w/ cake flour or all purpose but I want one w/ rice flour. Any hints on making them? Is making the batter different from a regular sponge cake? Thanks!

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  1. Are you looking for the recpe for ma-lai gao? It is yellow, not too sweet, and extremely spongy, can be found in many bakeries and some dim sum restaurants.

    I don't think rice flour nor glutonious rice flour would make a sponge cake as it is extremely dense and all starch.

    I do have a recipe for ma-lai gao, which is what I know as steamed chinese sponge cake. Its a little rough as I've made it over 100x, so a lot is done by sight now (my grandma wants me to cook like a Chinese person).

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      I believe the OP is looking for a recipe for the item pictured in the link below. It's like ma-lai go but whiter and lacier.

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        I was thinking of the other but I love this rice cake, too if anyone has a good recipe for it. Thanks!

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          I also love the one pictured in Humbucker's link... and I managed to find a recipe online, but it seems a little time-consuming. Never knew what it was called, but according the Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, it's "bok tong go."

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        Can I have your ma lai gao recipe?

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          That sounds great if you could post it. Thanks!

        2. I think Ma Lai Go is actually Malaysian, which is where the name derives from, Malay Cake. Chinese Sponge Cake is either the newer version found in Chinese bakeries with the paper wrapped around it or an older version which is much denser and more bland (texture of a soft cornbread). The latter is steamed and made (once again I think) with just eggs and flour.

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            I should have been more specific. This is the one I was originally considering:


            I've only heard it called sponge cake.

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              That looks like ma lai go to me! looks good too!

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                Ahh, I see this all the time in bakeries in Hong Kong. I haven't really seen them that much in California. It's not quite the same as Ma Lau Go, which is denser.

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                  you can find this cake in california at the 99 ranch market near the deli i found a recipe for it online @ angies recipes under chinese bakeries it's listed under white sugar sponge cake

            2. I would love to have a recipe for this kind of cake. Can anyone post, or maybe provide a link?


              1. This is what I found. My mom used to make a version but I don't remember her using milk as this recipe does.


                This one sounds more like what I remember.


                1. Is the steam egg cake a yellow or a light brown cake. Not the same recipe?