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Oct 23, 2006 09:30 PM

Wasabi - Ottawa

Heading out tomorrow to visit my sister at school in Ottawa, and she wants to go to Wasabi for dinner... Any thoughts on the restaurant?? Am I going to be selling my right kidney to pay for dinenr???

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  1. It shouldn't be more expensive than Kinki-which I think is the most expensive sushi place in town. Decor is pretty modern and the sushi is decent. However, a warning stay away from the cooked food, the items from the kitchen are definitely not their forte. You can find more reviews here:

    happy eating!

    1. Yah, Wasabi's not bad. Nice atmosphere and decent sushi, but not the most personable of itamae. For a similar price, the sushi at Totoye in the market (Clarence/Dalhousie) is better, although it's not quite as "hip" as Wasabi.

      1. Had an excellent meal. The service was wonderful, tea and water will filled very regularly...

        I thought the meal was going to be a lot more expensive than it was $65 for two of us (including appetizers, tea and sushi).

        I had tomago, and two rolls (including one that had cream cheese and lox in the middle, and the other that had deep-fried noodles on the outside). Both were very good. My sister had two vegetarian rolls, both delicious.

        I would like ot try Toyote the next time I'm there, but was very happy with my choice this time/