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Oct 23, 2006 09:27 PM

Sublime Omakase at Kiriko

We had the omakase at Kiriko on Friday night and had an absolutely fantastic meal. As best as I can recall, we had:

1) Lobter salad served in a chilled martini glass - lobster was sweet, succulent and generous.
2) Plate of raw oyser, house cured salmon wrapped around a piece of mango, and monkfish liver with a ponzu gelee - artfully presented and wonderfully fresh; the liver was a pillow of fatty goodness that melted in one's mouth.
3) Live scallop presented next to grilled scallop foot - very fresh and perfect with lemon and sea salt
4) Uni risotto served inside a sea urchin
5) Matsutake soup in a tea pot - seriously life changing; the broth tasted of pure matsutake essence; the mushrooms and a glorious piece of sea bass was were waiting inside the tea pot once we finished sipping the broth; i'm a HUGE fan of mushrooms and I almost died sipping this broth.
6) Seared wagyu beef served with a freshly grated shallot sauce
7) Nigiri parade of seared toro, blue fin maguro, tai, spanish mackeral, uni, anago, koho salmon, live shrimp (they hopped about an inch off the cutting board before the chef decapitated them) and something else that I can't recall now - everything was fresh, tasty, and appropriately dressed (e.g., the anago came with sea salt, the mackeral with ponzu)
8) A blue crab hand roll - so sweet tasting with more crab than rice!
9) A tasting of homemade ice creams including yuzu sorbet, black sesame, brown sugar ginger, vanilla with wild honey, bitter green tea.

Food, lots of great sake (Masumi and Otokayama), and gratuity = $360. Service was EXCELLENT. It was a lot of money, but it was worth it. This will go down as one of the best meals we've had in recent memory.

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  1. Sounds heavenly -- how many ate for $360?

    1. Sounds (reads?) like it was an amazing meal - I'm assuming the price is for two?

      I need to get back there ...

      1. I concur. The matsutake soup was ethereal. I hope I can get back there before the season ends.

        1. The cost was for two people and we left a nice tip (about 25% of meal cost pretax) because service was so excellent.

          1. One more concurrence on the matsutake soup - I had it there a year ago and I still thrill to the memory. Took two native Japanese and they said it was the best matsutake soup they had tasted. I too better get back there this year before the season ends.