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Oct 23, 2006 09:23 PM

4th Cindy Wolf Restaurant?

In the "Food Issue" of Batimore Magazine, an article/interview with Cindy Wolf made reference to a 4th Wolf restaurant opening within the next few months, but details were scarce. Does anyone have any more info??

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  1. Crickets, huh....? I got nothing either.

    Reminds me of that WWII poster: "Loose Lips Sink Ships."

    1. Downtown, probably within a block of Charleston, probably within 12 months.

      1. Cinghiale is a hip Italian restaurant that an Italian wouldn't recognize. And in that is not a compliment. I was raised in an Italian kitchen and back home our family owns a great little family restaurant, so the thought of trying Cindy Wolf's new place sounded like a wonderful place to spend my birthday. Before we even got a chance to look at the menu, we were offered a dinner prepared for our table by the chef, while that sounded great not everyone at the table new what was going on and several in our party felt rushed and 'ambushed', Also, while we were asked if there were any dietary restrictions, that is not the same as dietary preferences. No one was allergic to rabbit, or pork, but no one was asked how they felt about eating small furry little woodland friends, or if vegetables should serve some sort of function other than garnish. Several at our table were mortified when dishes of cured pork arrived at the table. The prosciutto di parma was very good, the other meats uninspiring. The green olives were also very good, but they were the only thing several at our table could eat. Skip the rabbit tortellini. It was different, but was salty, gamey for some and as strange as it sounds, the flavor reminded me of Underwood's Deviled Ham (no, really). One of our party was from Mykonos Greece and described the Grilled Rockfish as 'nicely sucky'. I thought the grilled radicchio salad to be very good, but again I was in the minority only 4 out of 10 did. The sommelier spent very little time with us, apparently since my wife opted away from the $120 bottle of wine, to a nice pino gris in the $50 range, we must have been deemed provincial, and we didn't see him again. We did however manage to get new silverware at every course. I guess this is supposed to equate to service, but it is really just an intrusion to have someone constantly leaning into your party and unnecessarily 'un-green'. A few extra minutes spent explaining the menu, and educating the guest would have gone a long way to turning a regrettable evening into something that should have been memorable. If you like style over substance, if presentation matters more than taste, and spending $120 a plate for an experience rather than a meal, then I've just found your new favorite restaurant.

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          If you do a search, ther are several long threads on this place, with quite disparate views. I'll bump a couple up the board.

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            OK, I'll bite. I think what Pikesville Paesano means is that Cinghiale is a hip Italian restaurant that an Italian-American would not recognize. Not to criticize the red sauce that I, too grew up with, but the red sauce you find in Brooklyn, NY or in any "Little Italy" bears no resemblance to the food in Naples or Sicily. So Cinghiale is what it is: probably the most authentically Italian (not Italian-American) restaurant in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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              This sounds weird. I have been there a number of times and have always enjoyed it. I have never had a set meal foisted on me, exp one I did not order. And I have never spent more than $60 pp on food.