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Oct 23, 2006 09:10 PM

Tonight at Jar

Heading to Jar tonight for the first time. I assume Mozzarella Mondays are still happening, but I'd like to order off the standard menu.

Is MM confined to the bar area? If I wanted to order off the MM menu (as a supplement to the meal), could I do it in the main dining room? And is it going to be excruciatingly crowded?

Many thanks.

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  1. The MM is restricted to the Bar area... But you can order from the regular menu at the bar. There are several seats along the bar and a few tables behind it. My suggestion is to arrive early (We got there at ~6-7 and had our choice of seats and order everything at a slow pace, otherwise they will bring it all out and it will feel rushed. The rumor is Nancy doesn't do it anymore..


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      I've been there on a Monday in the restaurant area. That night the table next to us had items from both the reg. menu and the mozzarella menu.

    2. Get the porkshank! the pot roast is also delicious. avoid the butterscotch mousse.

      1. Sounds like your questions have been answered.

        My only comments, based on one visit:

        - Don't miss the Japanese purple yams.
        - Cocktails are stupid weak.
        - The pot roast really is all it's cracked up to be.
        - I thought the butterscotch pudding was excellent.