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Oct 23, 2006 09:05 PM

Chorizo and White Bean Soup

I have seen a number of recipes for this soup and now that the heat has broken (sort of anyway) in Southern Louisiana I decided to give it a shot. Can anyone tell me what this soup is called in Spanish? Fresh, locally made Chorizo Fresco is a fine, fine thing by the way.

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  1. Add some green to this, like collard, or turnip, or even arugula or spinach, whatever you have around, not much, and it'll taste even better.

    1. I did you use some arugula in mine and i think it like it better than the kale i have used in the past.

      no one knows what the spanish name of this soup is?

      Chow Hounds, you disappoint me

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      1. re: frankiii

        Are you thinking of "fabada"? That's a classic white bean soup from Spain (mostly the central and northern coastal cuisine).

        1. re: singleguychef

          If Wikipedia's definition is to be believed then yes, I guess that I am.

          I made my without blood sausage and that is just fine with me.

          I used to live in Ireland and oh how I tried to stomach those things. Not for me

          Thanks for the help

      2. Jacque Pepin does a five minute version in his Fast Food My Way book. I keep the ingredients handy as it is one of my wife's favorites. I chop up some tomatoes, basil and garlic and spoon over the top with a little good olive oil.

        1. I made the Portugese version for my Harvest Party. I might switch ti up next time to give the beans more prominence. maybe less tomato paste...