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Oct 23, 2006 08:55 PM

Baltimore Multiple Choice

I'm taking my honey out for dinner mid-week for his birthday. He's given me the following "suggestions" for his big night (26!), and I'm to choose where we go.

We've never visited any of the following restaurants but are huge fans of Chameleon Cafe, Petit Louis, Pazo, Peter's Inn... and pretty adventurous eaters. All opinions are welcomed.

The choices are:
Sotto Sopra

I could surprise him and do something different, but I believe these are strong choices...

Thanks, all!

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  1. I would skip Taste for sure. Bicycle is good, but my most recent visit 2 months ago didn't really impress.

    Saffron would be my choice among your picks.

      1. Saffron is the best "occasion" restaurant I've eaten at this year.

        1. Saffron was great the one time I went for appetizers. Has anyone tried the tasting menu?

          1. hey all,

            thanks for your replies. though, i'm sorry to say i was using all of you. my honey is also a chowhounder and i thought he was on to me for his birthday surprise, so i enlisted your help. i was always planning on taking him to Charleston. we had a wonderful time, wonderful wine, wonderful food, and will visit Saffron another night.

            thanks again.

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            1. re: jules c

              So what did you get to eat?

              1. re: hon

                i had: shellfish bisque, fried green tomatoes with crab and lobster hash, halibut w/ red wine reduction and haricots verts, and the golden beet salad!

                he had: grilled cheese w/ tomato bisque, baby arugula salad, scallop w/ sweet potato purree, panceta and pine nuts, and foie gras w/ bacon hash.

                we had the sommelier pair wines for each course: he really enjoyed the chianti (served with the grilled cheese) and i adored a pinot blanc (served with the tomatoes) i need to look back at my notes for vinters. the wine pairings were a real treat!

                dessert was awesome as well: huckleberry and sweet ricotta trifle, pumpkin mousse, and a special birthday serving of the rum raisin ice cream.

                we had so much fun!

                1. re: jules c

                  I just have to ask what the total price was.