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Restuarant list for long weekend

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These are the places I plan to go on an up-coming trip. Any thoughts?

Zuni Cafe
Chez Panisse
Yank Sing
Slanted Door
Universal Cafe


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  1. Sounds like a home run. Hope you will report back on what you thought.

      1. If you go to Bar Tartine, I personally think you should avoid the muscat-poached nectarine (waaaaaay tart) on the dessert menu. Perfectly fine place other than that.

        1. Wow - ditto on the nice list...can i come along?!

          1. I'd skip Yang Sing, Substitute dim Sum instead of Yang Sing do Koi Palace in Daly City. Do a stop by Aqua for the Tuna Tartare traditional style and one drink in early evening before dinner.

            1. Sounds like you're going to have fun. Are you doing two a day? Bon appetite.