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Indian/Pakistani Buffet near Arguello blvd / Geary Blvd in SF

I'll be in SF near Arguello Blvd@ Geary Blvd. Are there any good pakistani/Indian buffets around. I am not limited to this area I am willing to dive a bit. I'll be free from 12:00-5pm and will have a car.

I like tandoori dishes, not much of a veggie person. I've heard Berekley might be a good place indian/pakistani buffet, I dont mind driving there provided its good food. I like Punjabi/pakistani style dishes. Don't care much for South Indian food. Although my wife loves South Indian food.

I have read other posts on indian buffet but most seem outdated.

Also any recommendation for dinner (any cuisine not picky) before I head back to Fresno (farm land). I'll be traveling on 580 east to 99 south.

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  1. Does Darbar on Polk have a lunch buffet?

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    1. Arguello at Geary is the site of the Indian Consulate, so there are a good number of Indian restaurants in the area...I personally don't know if any have a buffet...but I would have no problem calling the Consulate and asking them!!

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        There is one right around the corner between Arguello and 2nd on the South side of Geary. It's always full of Indian people at lunch.

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          Yeah, there is one right on Geary at Arguello. I forget the name, but I always smell it when I walk down Arguello. It smells good :-)

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            yes there is a restaurant right there...the question is does it have a lunch buffet, which is what the OP is looking for...

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              I think we're talking about Star India (3721 Geary Blvd)? They do have a lunch buffet.

      2. Correcto!! They also have a dinner buffet @ $7.99.

        1. Any reviews of Star India? Is it South Indian or North Indian food? Also I dont mind driving for possibly the best Indian / pakistani buffet in the area.

          Some have mentioned Darbar is this resturant good? I like the fact I can BYOB. I know they don't have a buffet but if its good and reasonable that might be the ticket.

          1. Where are all the hounds at? Does Star of India offer North Indian cuisine?

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              The hounds are probably not at Indian Buffets. I have never been to a good Indian buffet. Darbar is good and worth trying. Pakwan in the Mission at 16th and Guerrero is also good enough to seek out. Shalimar is a greasy mess that is pretty delicious, Jones at Geary.

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                Indian and other lunch buffets are a regular topic of discussion. Helmand's (Afghan) seems to be a board favorite. Priya in Berkeley used to have an amazingly huge selection.


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                  have you (or anyone you've known) been to a recommendable Indian Buffet in SF? I'd love to find one too.

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                  Neilo, For $7.99 give the Star a try and get back to the board with your opinion.

              2. We ended up at Darbar for lunch it was okay. I've had better. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, and saag gosht, Naan (probably the best I've had) rice.

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                  I walked by Star India yesterday..saw the lunch and dinner buffet sign outside...when I peered in ...there seemed to be quite a few Indians inside...which I suppose is a good sign..either that or having the Consulate a few feet away naturally feeds into their business, good or not...