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Oct 23, 2006 08:49 PM

Indian/Pakistani Buffet near Arguello blvd / Geary Blvd in SF

I'll be in SF near Arguello Blvd@ Geary Blvd. Are there any good pakistani/Indian buffets around. I am not limited to this area I am willing to dive a bit. I'll be free from 12:00-5pm and will have a car.

I like tandoori dishes, not much of a veggie person. I've heard Berekley might be a good place indian/pakistani buffet, I dont mind driving there provided its good food. I like Punjabi/pakistani style dishes. Don't care much for South Indian food. Although my wife loves South Indian food.

I have read other posts on indian buffet but most seem outdated.

Also any recommendation for dinner (any cuisine not picky) before I head back to Fresno (farm land). I'll be traveling on 580 east to 99 south.

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  1. Does Darbar on Polk have a lunch buffet?

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    1. Arguello at Geary is the site of the Indian Consulate, so there are a good number of Indian restaurants in the area...I personally don't know if any have a buffet...but I would have no problem calling the Consulate and asking them!!

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        There is one right around the corner between Arguello and 2nd on the South side of Geary. It's always full of Indian people at lunch.

        1. re: srr

          Yeah, there is one right on Geary at Arguello. I forget the name, but I always smell it when I walk down Arguello. It smells good :-)

          1. re: Sebby

            yes there is a restaurant right there...the question is does it have a lunch buffet, which is what the OP is looking for...

            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              I think we're talking about Star India (3721 Geary Blvd)? They do have a lunch buffet.

      2. Correcto!! They also have a dinner buffet @ $7.99.

        1. Any reviews of Star India? Is it South Indian or North Indian food? Also I dont mind driving for possibly the best Indian / pakistani buffet in the area.

          Some have mentioned Darbar is this resturant good? I like the fact I can BYOB. I know they don't have a buffet but if its good and reasonable that might be the ticket.

          1. Where are all the hounds at? Does Star of India offer North Indian cuisine?

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            1. re: shawndang

              The hounds are probably not at Indian Buffets. I have never been to a good Indian buffet. Darbar is good and worth trying. Pakwan in the Mission at 16th and Guerrero is also good enough to seek out. Shalimar is a greasy mess that is pretty delicious, Jones at Geary.

              1. re: Neilo

                Indian and other lunch buffets are a regular topic of discussion. Helmand's (Afghan) seems to be a board favorite. Priya in Berkeley used to have an amazingly huge selection.


                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  have you (or anyone you've known) been to a recommendable Indian Buffet in SF? I'd love to find one too.

                2. re: Neilo

                  Neilo, For $7.99 give the Star a try and get back to the board with your opinion.