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Oct 23, 2006 08:47 PM

Recs in Charlottesville, VA

A group of family and friends will be heading to Charlottesville this weekend for the NC State/UVA game. It's a noon game, so less than ideal for tailgating. Instead, we're looking for a place for dinner after the game. Something along the lines of an upscalish American grill, but where we can go in our game day clothes and be ok. Any suggestions?

For the record, GO WOLFPACK!

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  1. You'll be able to go most anywhere in game day clothes. Where are you planning to park? That may impact which is easiest to get to. Here are a few suggestions for an upscalish American grill:

    Duner's which is west of town on 250 W in the town of Ivy. Very good American cuisine. Will probably be crowded; doesn't take reservations.

    Starr Hill Brewery is on West Main Street downtown (not the downtown mall). You can make a reservation from their website at

    Continuing the brewery theme, South Street Brewery is just off the downtown mall.

    Another excellent upscalish casual choice, but with a spanish flair, is Zocalo on the downtown mall.

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      One warning - in addition to the football game, the Virginia Film Festival is also this weekend, so crowds will probably be the rule in Charlottesville.

    2. Of course game day attire in Charlottesville means a jacket and tie and dresses for the ladies......LOL