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Oct 23, 2006 08:32 PM

need suggestions for a sunday food tour of manhattan

Plans already include: Gus's pickles, katz's, Economy Candy, Joe's Shanghai, Sullivan Street bakery....where else should we go?

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  1. I like your choices so far.

    I might head to the east village for some Pomme Frites, or I might head to Soho to Kee's chocolates and then keep heading west to Jacques Torres' Chocolate Haven on West St, but I am fairly chocoholic ;o)

      1. If you are going to be over near Sullivan Street Bakery, I would highly recommend a stop at nearby Murrays Cheese. Di Palos is also a good choice for some unique Italian cheeses and meats.

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          Di paola's was a highlight of our tour!!! We did Joe's Shanghai, Kossar's, Donut Planet, the Pickle Guys, Russ and daughters, laboratorio del Gelato, Rice to Riches, Kee's, Sullivan Street Bakery and Murray's - 5 hours of sheer bliss!

        2. I would add Labortorio di Gelato on Orchard to the list - also second Murrays and Di Palo - oh, and Kees.

          1. I've added Kee's and Murray's and based on some of the other things I've read - Roll and Dough on West 3rd....I will definately add Di Paola's and laboratorio di gelato..we will also stop at Russ and daughter's for some Caviar Cream Cheese and Nova....