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Oct 23, 2006 08:23 PM

Seattle Dosa Search

Just returned from a trip to NYC where I fell in love with the dosa. I don't remember seeing them on any menus in the Indian restaurants I have frequented (which are mainly around the U-District area) and would appreciate any suggestions. We now live in Everett so anything north of Seattle would be especially useful, although we still spend plenty of time in Seattle.

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  1. You can get some in Belluvue at Udupi Palace in the Crossroads Shopping Center (15600 NE 8th; Bellevue, WA 98008 (425) 649-0355).

    They only serve vegetarian food and many varieties of really good dosas. Everything I tasted was tasty. Actually, talking about it is making me excited about going back.

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    1. re: New York Michele

      If you go to Udupi Palace, go with a big group and order the "family dosa" -- it's an experience you won't forget.

      1. re: dandelion

        OK, I want more - what is this evening about?
        Thank you for the most excellent tittlilation.

        1. re: mrnelso

          Family dosa is 6 feet long, rolled into a tube that's about 8 inches in diameter. It takes 2-3 servers to bring it out. I think they'll only make it on weeknights, when it's less busy. It's pretty tasty, too....

      2. re: New York Michele

        Food is really good here, but what the heck is going on with their service? They treated us like we were in their way or an imposition. Have not been back in a couple years. Maybe things are different now. Anyone else experience that?

        Also, I think this place is one in a chain of restaurants... if that matters to you. Enjoy your dosa! Post if you want a recipe for them.

      3. Thanks for the suggestion -- I will definitely give the Udupi Palace a try.

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          1. Oh, and I forgot to mention. There is a place in the Westlake Center in downtown Seattle that serves dosa. I also heard a rumor that Udupi was supposed to be opening a place on Queen Anne.

            1. The dosas in Westlake Center aren't awful, but they're nothing like the ones at Udupi Palace.

              There is a place in the fast-food court inside Crossroads Mall that serves good dosas, or at least there was a few years ago (and it had been there forever).

              Udupi Palace on Queen Anne?!? Very exciting! Several years ago, Mayuri operated a good Indian restaurant where Ototo Sushi is now located, and they had dosas.