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Oct 23, 2006 08:11 PM

Which brand of Vodka do you use when making infusions

I was planning on doing my first infusion this weekend and was wondering which vodka works best. I was thinking something along the lines of Smirnoff, which is not harsh and is middle of the road in terms of cost.

So all you infusers, which brands do you use?

And do people make mint or other herb infusions? If so what quantities would you use?

On a side note i was thinking of using bsil infused vodka in a vodka sauce to amp up the flavour. Do you think this would work?

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  1. Gordons, if not available then Smirnoff. Gordons is very clean and light, ditto for Smirnoff but I like Gordons taste better and my wallet likes it better as well.

    As for infusions... I make them as strong as possible since you can always "water" it down to taste later of too strong, but re-infusing a weak batch is a nuisance.

    1. I love using Stoli, but it's a bit pricey unless I can find it on sale. The fanciest I've done is Ketel One, because I found it for $15 for a 1.75L jug (I know! Amazing; I bought several).

      Lately I've used Skyy, which is fine and inexpensive.

      1.'s a very good vodka always available at a great price anywhere. For the price it's the best buy by far.

        1. I use Gordons as well. I don't think you need a great vodka for infusions.

          1. I use SKYY or Stoli or Kettle One (Costco has pretty good prices on vodka). Mm, chily horseradish infusion makes a wicked Bloody Mary.