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Oct 23, 2006 08:10 PM

Is it ever okay to be moved in the middle of a meal?

Not every meal can be perfect. Things are going to happen that are beyond our control. However one of my biggest peeves is being moved while in the middle of dining.

The other day a group of five of us were eating. We had run up a decent size bill. When the deserts were to came out they were not brought to us but placed on a table half way down the restaurant next to the band. The manager simply stood there waving us over. No ‘please’, ‘excuse me’ or ‘would you mind’. No one offered to help us with our coats and bags. And no nothing was compt I was expecting at least a tea out of it. It turns out he simply wanted our table to accommodate a larger group. To me this was totally unacceptable. I won’t go back to that place.

Another time mid way through my meal I was asked to change tables to accommodate some people who had come in with a stroller. As there were plenty of other tables I thought that perhaps the restaurant staff could have made a little effort and moved things around instead of just moving me. I was a little irritated but figured why not take the high road.

Is it ever okay to be moved in the middle of a meal? If so should the restaurant make amends?

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  1. First instance, totally unacceptable. Second instance, perhaps with an explanation. As you said, take the high road.

    1. I would have thrown a fit over the first instance. Just plain tacky.

      The second would not illicit a fit, but I surely wouldn't move. The staff should have been inconvenienced to move a few tables about - or even the stroller party - not you!

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      1. Unless there is something wrong with your table, or you offer to move on your own, no, never in the middle of your meal.

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          Exactly. Unless it's your choice to move, I can't see why you should be asked to move after you've been seated. It isn't the diner's fault that the restaurant can't work out it's seating plan.

        2. Both instances are seriously uncool, IMHO. The stroller thing really bothers me...I will happily stand or move my table to accomodate a person in a wheelchair or scooter, but a kid in a stroller isn't the same thing. The stroller isn't a necessity, but a convenience for the parents. If you can't hold the child throughout your meal or won't/can't use a restaurant-provided high chair or booster seat, then you should request a table where your cadillac-escalade sized kid karrier doesn't become a nuisance. Don't mark me as a child-hater, just a hater of the ridiculously oversized stroller...they're my current pet peeve...I find myself boxed in by the damn things at every turn! Get a Snugli or kiddy backpack and stop hogging the floor space! Whew, I feel better now.

          1. The only time I was ever asked to move because the restaurant needed the table for a larger party, they apologized profusely and comped us an after dinner drink. I thought that was acceptable.

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            1. re: Seattle Rose

              I agree, under those circumstances ... lingering, being politely asked as to move, in a way that indicates that I actually have a choice, with no churlishness.