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Oct 23, 2006 08:03 PM

bundt pans

if a recipe calls for a "fluted" pan (and the picture shows a bundt type cake) and you don't have one, what could you use instead? and i thank you all.

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  1. If you're making some sort of pound cake or breakfast quick bread (coffe cake, maybe), you could use a couple of loaf pans, 9" x 5", depending on how much batter you have. You'd want to fill them a little more than half full just to be safe.

    1. When I make Monkey Bread I use either pan fluted or bundt.

      1. Do you have a angel food cake pan? That would be my first choice, if available.

        Loaf pans would be the next obvious choice if the angel food pan wasn't possible.

        1. i have some loaf pans -- i think i'll try that. what is an angel food cake pan? it is a layer pan?

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          1. thanks so much, but what's the difference between that and a bundt? is it the decoration-y stuff. (i do great cookies and bars)

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              The bottom and center tube is separate from the sides. It allows a very delicate angel food cake to be removed more easily w/o damage.

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                kind of like a springform pan. thanks for all the info and help.

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                  Plus the center tube rises above the sides of the pan, so you can stand it inverted on a plate and the cake just drifts down. . .I don't think a bundt is like that. Really only makes a difference, I imagine, if you're making a very light cake like angel food. For the other cakes/breads mentioned, I would think a loaf pan would be just fine.