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Oct 23, 2006 08:00 PM

Kosher Restaurants

I will be meeting my cousin who I haven't seen in over 40 years in Hollywood near the Magic Castle and need recommendations for dinner. I believe that he only eats Kosher foods. I will eat almost anything. Thank you.

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  1. I don't think you are going to find anything Kosher at the Magic Castle. Don't go for the food, go for the entertainment.

    1. There is a good place called The Fish Grill on Beverly a few blocks west of La Brea.

      1. I go to the Castle pretty often, and when we're not eating there (which is a relief), it's hard to think of anyplace decent that's close by--and in our case, where we won't feel too weird being all dressed up--not to mention kosher.

        I wonder if Musso & Frank's offers anything kosher.

        1. Depends how Kosher observant your cousin is. For some people Kosher is like pregnancy, you can't be a little Kosher. If your cousin is super Kosher then you might like Shula and Esther on Fairfax (519 N. Fairfax Ave) between Melrose and Beverly. They have good Yemenite food there.

          If you can stand to go a little further then you can continue the "Magic" theme and go to Magic Carpet on Pico (8566 W Pico Blvd) between Robertson and La Cienega. As per Jonathan Gold, it is the best Kosher Yemenite place in town.

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            How many other kosher Yemenite places are there? (That may sound snotty -- it's a genuine question.)

            To the OP -- in general you'll find that kosher restaurants tend to congregate near Pico and Robertson, on Fairfax north of Beverly, and in the Valley Village section of North Hollywood... while there are other kosher restaurants around, they tend to cluster near large groups of Orthodox.

          2. Here are some places around the hollywood/fairfax area.

            If you want something very casual, you could try the fish grill on Beverly Blvd: 7226 Beverly Blvd

            Another casual but more expensive Israeli/Yemenite grill type place with waiters is Shula and Ester: 519 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036-1715

            Another Israeli place with falafel, shwarma, and the like is Wholesome Pita: 7111-A Melrose Ave. (@ LaBrea) Los Angeles, CA 90046

            Something more upscale on Melrose is a French-Tunision place called Greta. 7168 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046