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cheese, help!

Looking for a place that can do a wonderful cheese platter for a large party in the Pasadena area, any suggestions?

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  1. Call Nicole's in South Pas, or Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City, or even Whole Foods.

    1. Second the recommendation for Nicole's Gourmet in South Pasadena. I shopped there this summer for a party I was hosting, and in addition to having a really nice selection of cheeses, pates, smoked salmon, etc., I found the pricing reasonable as well.


      1. the Cheesestore of Silverlake has an excellent variety of cheeses and will put together a great platter for you.


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            What a good idea, I totally forgot about him.

          2. Go to Whole Foods Market in Pasadena and ask for André, tell him the swiss lady sent you. He is all knowing when it comes to cheeses!

            1. All the places mentioned are nice, but I don't think any of them come close to Beverly Hills Cheese Store. The service is knowledgable and as patient as any that I've ever seen. And the selection is unmatched in LA. I would go there and just tell them that you're looking for a cheese platter and then you'll start tasting, discussing, tasting, etc. It'll be a ton of fun.

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                I would argue that the service isn't as great as the one offered by the Cheese Store of Silver Lake. I've definitely dealt with people who were rushing me a bit in order to get to help customers who looked as if they'd be spending more money-- to put in a more concrete and perhaps less polite manner, the older BH women in their old-school (not the newfangled designs) St. John knits who're trying to plan a party.

                I've found the women at the SL store (since I haven't dealt with the owner yet) to be really welcoming and generous with their suggestions and samples. That store does, however, have a smaller selection than the BH store of cheeses and other gourmet goods.

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                  While I am in no way dismissing your experience, I'm shocked by it. I've never heard anybody feel rushed at BH Cheese Store. Perhaps the other patrons can be testy -- they get bunchy underwear sometimes -- but I've always found the people behind the counter to be impervious to that.

              2. Auntie Em's Kithchen in Eaglerock does the cheese platters for the Colorado wine Company. They alsways have really good cheeses on them. Chesse store in Siverlake does the cheese platters for Silverlake wine. They are yummy. The Cheese store in Silverlake seems to have more imports, and Auntie Em's seems to concetrate on locals farms. Both great.