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Oct 23, 2006 07:53 PM

wish Coriander were in the South End instead of Sharon

We've heard good reviews of this place for a while now and have been meaning to hit it and we had a group of 4 people so we got to try out a big chunk of the menu after an afternoon of shopping at the Wrentham Outlets (avoid for the next few months until they finish the 495 construction unless you like sitting in parking lots idling)-:

We started off w/ an amuse bouch of a sliver of smoked salmon w/ a cilantro sauce (I think) and a small 1/2" cube of a champagne jello shot and that's when we got the hint it might be an interesting dinner.

For appetizers, we tried sea scallops, foie gras, and the skate special. The skate was perfectly cooked w/ a slight lemon/butter sauce, but the other appetizers were far better. The foie gras was a fairly large chunk (maybe 1/2"x3"x2") on top of what seemed to be small beans; the foie gras was perfectly seared on the outside and slightly warm on the inside and the beans which seemed a bit of an odd combination were very tasty. The 3 large sea scallops were perfectly caramelized and tasty, but the corn/ham/sauce they were sitting on was the hit and made for a great dipping sauce for the bread we had left at the table.

For entrees, we had the sea bass, monkfish, coriander tuna, and cassoulet w/ duck confit/braised lamb. All the fish was cooked perfectly; the monkfish even had a regular fish consistency instead of the "poor man's lobster" slight chewiness. The other elements each dish was put on was as interesting as the main ingredient; e.g., the tuna sat on a barley risotto, the sea bass sat on a polenta w/ a chunky lobster sauce, etc. The cassoulet was the most filling because of the beans the 3 kinds of meat sat on; the person who ordered it was starving and craving for meat and he couldn't finish it despite being a big eater. All the people who ordered fish dishes loved theirs the best, so we ordered well.

We were pretty full after all this since we normally split an appetizer between two people, but the experience was so good that we decided to split the hazelnut cake dessert which was also excellent. It reminded us of a tiramisu w/ chocolate ganache swirled on top w/ a few pieces of milk chocolate and a few sweet raspberries on top of a small pool of creamy sauce. Decadent and a fitting end for the meal.

What can you say about a restaurant where the only misstep is the bread at the start (a few slices of sourdough bread) which we thought should have been warm? Mmmmm. The bill ended up at around $45/pp (no alcoholic drinks), but we can't wait for a return trip...

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  1. How selfish of you. One decent resto in the burbs and you want it in the S.E.!

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      I agree trufflehound!!! In the land of Applebee's we have suffered too long to let anything slightly acceptable to head to the city......sadly Olio already had to.....

      1. re: trufflehound

        LOL. That's true. I was just amazed at how good this suburban restaurant was. And we really do wish it were closer, but folks in the area are definitely lucky to have something of this caliber (that's not overpriced w/ tiny "pretty" portions) out least now I'll have something to look forward to after the annual wrentham outlet trip next year :-)

        p.s., seriously doubt it'll move to the city. They were packed...we luckily managed to do a walk-in at 9pm, because I think all the reservations were full.

      2. My wife had a business dinner there a few months back. I only got the doggie bag but it was wonderful. We are planning a dinner there with some friends. From what I sampled, well worth the journey out of the city.