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Oct 23, 2006 07:46 PM

London - the River Cafe

anyone been recently - is it still great?
I just made a reservation for lunch for Thanksgiving Day.

If you have a better suggestion, feel free to recommend.


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  1. I see no one has chimed in on this post - there are a few others on the River Cafe, if you do a search. But I will offer my opinion... I love the River Cafe - I think the food is delicious, fresh, simply prepared and the dining room delightful. Before I get flamed, let me also add that I've only been there once - on a gloriously hot summer day - we sat outside and enjoyed a glass of chilled rose with lunch - heaven! AND, I was there with a friend who works in an office nearby, and thus was able to order off the special 2-course, 15 pound (perhaps it's 20 pounds?) lunch menu. Would I return? Yes, absolutely, but probably only if I could order off the special lunch menu... though I do think it would be a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving day. As an aside, I LOVE the River Cafe Easy cook books, particularly the first one.

    1. thank you for your response!

      It sounds like it will be the right spot. It's also my mom's 60th bday.

      I also have loved Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray's cookbooks and TV shows for about 12 years and I'm an architect - so it can't hurt to be in a Richard Rogers space...

      1. Hi SarahT - now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, was wondering if you did go to the River Cafe, and if so, if you could post about your meal! Would love to hear about it.

        1. If you're going to go go soon. news is that Richard Roger's ex partner is trying to force him to sell the building