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iso fresh tofu near College Park

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San Francisco hound, out visiting Chinese friends in Maryland. She comes from Chengdu and was complaining you can't get good or fresh tofu in this country. Of course you can!

They live in Silver Spring, although they're frequently in Largo and Hyattsville. Suspect they'd be willing to drive for a good Asian grocery.

Thanks for any recommendations. We passed a lot of Vietnamese pho joints and pupusa trucks, but I didn't see any obvious suppliers.

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  1. All the Asian markets carry fresh tofu in buckets. They're from a local maker in DC whose name escapes me, but every market (H Mart, Super H, Grand Mart, Great Wall) carries them. Look in the refrigerated tofu section.

      1. I think you can get them at the College Park MOM's- My Organic Market. I've seen it at their other stores, but can't remember specifically if they have it there. You also might want to try the MD Food Co-op, which is located in the Adele Stamp Union.

        1. My first bet would be the H-Mart in Wheaton, at Georgia Ave and Arcola(?).

          1. I have a similar questions as well. Its not that I've not bought tofu from many asian stores (e.g., lotte, H-mart, han ah rhem, kamp fong, great wall), I have. However, you don't always get good consistancy. What I have looked for is very fresh tofu with a smooth custardy texture with a fresh smell look and taste. I don't want to see the yellow slimy water which I often do nor when cut a crumbly texture. It should be smooth and very few hole (although the silken tofu taste very processed to me).

            I've had the best luck at Lotte (only on the really soft tofu; its fairly formless and sold in a gallon bucket, this is not the square tofu you usually see).

            I've also gotten good fresh tofu at kam fung and great wall. But they tend to be a bit inconsistant. I usually make out best of Friday afternoon when they had a recent delivery. I just picked up some today from great wall and it was pretty good.

            The question is there has to be a manufacture around somewhere. Who produces the tofu for these grocery stores?

            1. I completely scored this weekend. I was at Lotte in fairfax this weekend (sat afternoon). I went to the tofu section and I notice they are carrying different brand then their usual. The ones they had (I'm talking about the mid and the large tub sizes, not the small sealed containers with one block of tofu) just said tofu on it in korean. No other marking.

              I got a mid size one of soft tofu for $2.99. The korean soft tofu has no real shape and in the tub it looks like white flan or custard. This is the stuff they goes in the tofu stew you get the viet gol or other korean tofu houses. I took it home had some just head in microwave with a bit of soy sauce and I thought Jack pot.

              First the water was fairly clear in the tub. The smell was very mild and fresh. The tofu had no air holes and was just absolutely smooth. By far the best tofu I had in over 10 years. I had some today for lunch with my pkg ramen and it was fantastic. I'm going to try to get another tub this weekend to see if it will be as good.


              1. There's a small korean market up the road from College Park in Beltsville. It's across the street from the Lumber Liquidators.

                Jin Mi Oriental Market
                (301) 937-7171
                10800 North Rhode Island Avenue