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Oct 23, 2006 06:52 PM

fun, yummy and inexpensive big group dinner in DC

any suggestions for a fun and inexpensive spot for a 10 to 12 person birthday dinner (my finace's 37th birthday)? ideally we'd like to go to a place in DC (Silver Spring would be okay, too). a casual and festive spot is ideal--- he loves all ethnic eats (except ethiopian), bbq, burger/beer-type-spots... suggestions?

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  1. We went to Marrakesh a year or two ago for a friend's birthday. It's not bad food, but you don't neccesarily go there for the food, in my mind, but the whole experience. We had 8-10 people in our group and the group is very fun loving. It worked well for that, but that approach is the only way I'd go.

    I'd say crabs would be a good one, but that could get pricey.

    1. Does it have to be dinner? You could have quite a bit of fun with a lunchtime dim sum party. Several restaurants with cart service on weekends can accommodate a dozen folks at a single large table.