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Lunch South Bay / San Pedro - Mexican?

Going to La Espaniola market on rec's of many hounds in preperation for a Spanish fiesta. Naturally I can't just drive down to the to shop without making it a culinary adventure. My curse.

So what's good in the neighborhood?

Any help would be great.



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  1. The eats at Los Tres Cochinitos in Wilmington are great, especially the sizzling fried cecina. I fly out of Long Beach sometimes just so I can eat at this place on the way home....

    1. Thanks for the tip. Sound like a good candidate.

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        And come to think of it, you're only five minutes away from the okinomiyaki at Gaja, in next-door Lomita on the same street.

      2. There's a branch of "Alberto's" on PCH EAST of the 110 about a block. Always have a nice offering of fast mexican food.

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          I just tried this tonight and it was nasty. I ordered taquitos and a chile colorado burrito at the drive through. Taquitos were very average but the burrito was not chile colorado, instead what I got was some big, old-tasting chunks of carnitas bathed in grease with a bit of rice and beans. The place itself looks dirty and unkempt.

        2. If you are adventurous & don't mind eating mounds of seafood from a plastic tray... go to the San Pedro Fish Market & order from one of the money Mexican seafood places. If you go on a weekend... the place is a complete zoo... hundreds of families feasting in open air with Mariachi & Norteno bands blasting their requests.

          There are a couple of dozen Markets / Take Out Eateries... that allow you to purchase your own seafood then ask them to cook it... they share a communal dining space. The crowd favorites are typically Camarones Rancheros or Shrimp Fajitas (they are very similar).

            1. One more for ya:

              Baja Fish Market
              611 S. Gaffey St.
              San Pedro, CA 90731

              They do a big business as a fish market, and they serve pretty decent Mexican food, too. Try the fish burrito -- specify Baja-style to get the cabbage, crema, etc.

              1. For good and cheap Mexican, head for Enchilada House at 133 Bandini Street, San Pedro. IIRC the red/green chile burritos were my preference.

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                  Eh, Enchilada House is so-so but it is cheap. I still haven't found a Mexican place in San Pedro that rocks my world.

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                    Try Rio Bravo down in the Ghetto..shrimp tacos are amazing..better know some Spanish though.