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Oct 23, 2006 06:14 PM

Venison - Retail

I had Venison a handful of times at fancy places (i.e. Abigael's, Prime)and would like to try it again but don't want to foot the bill at a $$$ restaurant. I'm wondering if anyone knows if any kosher supermarket in the NYC area regularly carries it (any cut).

I know that Musicon Farms and Kosher Depot do carry it, but they require bulk sales and I'm not interested enough to buy 10 lbs of meat.

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  1. Aaron's in Queens has it.

      1. re: ariellasdaddy

        Does Glatt Mart generally carry it or is it a special order thing? I stop in there when I am in the neighborhood and have seen some signs for exotics (aka Bison) but have been disappointed at times when they don't have more common cuts (skirt steak in particular)in stock.

        1. Which Fairway did you see it in? Was it the Musicon Farms brand (I don't know of any others - these are the guys). Any info would be appreciated.