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Oct 23, 2006 06:13 PM

Thanksgiving in Key West

My beau and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Key West. We would like to dine out for the holiday meal. Any suggestions for a mid-to-high price range meal, traditional (turkey, stuffing, etc) with a bit of modern/foodie flare?

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    1. As a part time resident (wishing for full time)... Alice's is a definite plus along with Michael's and Antonias.
      You'll love them all...These are where the locals dine....

      1. To me, Alice's is no longer in the running; they've changed hands; Alice no longer runs the place. I agree about Antonia's and Michael's; both first rate. Also, consider Louie's Backyard. Perhaps not quite as fine as aforementioned but still one of the best. What makes it a winner is the absolutely gorgeous setting looking right out to the sea. Reservations a must.

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          Alice is still there and still runs the place. It is Antonia's that sold not too long ago and completely changed hands. Antonia and Phillip moved out of Florida and really do not have anything to do with the restaurant anymore.

          1. re: Suzie

            Despite changing hands, Antonia's is still very, very good.

            1. re: Nick

              I agree Nick. The key is that they kept Michael (chef) and he is very talented and well known and liked by the regulars there.

        2. Check Louie's Backyard to see if they have a holiday dinner. It would be my first choice even without the turkey. Go in time for sunset. Alice is good too but in a storefront and not as special an ambiance.

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          1. re: march33

            Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. We ended up going w Louie's Backyard (after 7fish cancelled our res:(.. ), so I will report back on how it was!!

          2. UGH!!!! Do not do Louie's!!!!!!!!!! Its a tourist trap for dinner!!! You won't see any locals there eatinf with you!!!