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Oct 23, 2006 06:12 PM

Has anyone dined at Sallie Tee's?

My neighbor was telling me about this place she was at over the weekend. She knows I love raw bars, so she suggested this to me. How is the other food? The menu looks interesting.


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  1. I have been there quite a few times and think it's great casual dining with a wide menu. The raw bar I think is one of the best in the shore area, the steaks are very good, along with the pastas. The pricing I think is fine for what you get. It gets crowded on the weekends, tables are kinda close. I would suggest not taking a table in the bar area as it gets crowded with little walking room between the bar and tables. They offer the same menu at the bar as well. They always have quite a few specials as well. I think it's a good deal...

    1. Agree with rking on all points. Does my member serve...sushi chef is only there weekends?

      1. Tried it over the summer. I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy it all. Food was mediocre at best.

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          I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy your food at Sallee Tee's. I have consistently had a different experience and actually find it one of the better values in Monmouth County. I particularly like the sandwiches, great bread, generously filled (but the rather obnoxious names like "Baciagaloup" and "No Kiddin'" kind of hard to swallow). Pastas are dependable, too, if not dazzling, and the prime rib is very good. I cannot speak to the sushi there, never ordered it, but have liked a pretty good percentage of the menu.

          The dining room can be really noisy and the bar area isn't particularly ambient, although there is a back room that can be a little quieter. And I did lock horns several years with the hostess, fondly known as Dragon Lady, but we have since buried the hatchet. She still gets a sort of Helter Skelter look in her eyes when she sees me, but I like that.

          The menu is pretty extensive, something for everybody,which usually sends a danger signal to me. But the food is capable and dependent and one of the few places at the Jersey Shore where I don't end up feeling ripped off.

        2. I'll never claim it's fine dining, but maybe one of the last comments sums it up...a decent meal and I don't feel like I was ripped off, that alone makes it a success for of my favorites there when we choose to eat at the bar is the prime rib sandwich they offer.....I don't know what they marinate it in, but it's great....not to rave about a shrimp cocktail.....but again always large shrimp and really, really chilled....again for casual dining I think it's a winner...

          1. This is one place where its hard to figure out why its so popular. I guess its more the place (i.e. water view) than it is the food. As far as the food being "decent", I think there are too many restaurants offering excellent food at all price ranges to accept mediocrity. Again this is only my opinion.

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              "I think there are too many restaurants offering excellent food at all price ranges to accept mediocrity."

              I wish that you would name them. The area is challenged by restaurants that offer truly mediocre food at seriously self-conscious prices.

              The water view at Sallee Tee's (let's call it a Marina View and be done with it) is hardly the draw. The ambience is lackluster to me. The food is good. The price is fair.

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                I've got to know; bgut please list the restaurants in Monmouth Couty that offer excellent food at any price range. I can only think of a handfull.
                BTW: I had a brunch at Sallie Tee's and found it very forgetable but may give it another try as Deb Van D likes it so much.