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Oct 23, 2006 06:10 PM

Opus tasting menu... okay for people who don't eat red meat?

I've been reading such rave reviews about the Opus tasting menu on this board that I MUST try it. However, the person that I will be dining with does not eat red meat.

If I let our server know this beforehand, will the chef keep this in mind when preparing our tasting menu dishes or will my date be forced to order from the regular menu?

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  1. Just inform Opus when you make your Resy. The Chef can do anything with a little notice.

    1. I had the great pleasure of eating the 6 course tasting menu at Opus on Sat night and the closest thing to red meat was a serving of guinea hen with seared foi gras (delicious, as were all tastings), seafood in most other tastings. Agreeing with prev poster, I'm sure w/ notice Chef Centeno will have no problem accommodating your request.
      OP, I too got the "Must try" bug fr: the postings on this board.I had high expections which were met or exceeded.

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        A piggyback question, if you'll humor me.

        I love menus that offer a bit of this, a bit of that, and don't mind if I leave feeling sated but not stuffed. But I have a friend who will never let me hear the end of it if she leaves a place hungry. Her biggest peeve is NYC restaurants that cost $100 and leave her hungry. She's an average eater, but I just wonder if Opus's tasting menus constitute a full meal (go hungry, or you'll regret it) or more of a "go ever so slightly hungry and enjoy the delicious prep" experience.

        Will Opus fill her up, or will I be dragged a few miles away for after dinner Korean BBQ?

        1. re: Pei

          I love to eat and I eat a lot! I've had both the 6 course and 3 course tasting menus. The 6 course was almost too much for me, but was wonderful (chef added a couple of courses to it). The 3 course was plenty of food for me. It's a pleasant dinner without feeling over stuffed. Also, she won't have to deal with NYC prices at Opus.

          I highly recommend for either tasting menus or a la carte!

          By the way, I'm female if that helps at all...