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Oct 23, 2006 06:03 PM

Good first date restaurants downtown

Hey, looking for a new idea to take a date around the western part of downtown (between Atwater and Peel preferably.) Any hidden gems? All types of food suggestions welcome, just not too extravagent as it is only a first date hehe ;) Thanks

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  1. rotisserie Italienne is fun, loud & casual and they make great pizza.

    have also heard good things about a Japanese resto near the corner of Atwater/St. Cath. Sorry, can't recall the name right now.

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      That would be Miso. I went there a few years ago and found it only good but nothing special.

      I usually stay away from sushi places that serve General Tao's chicken.

    2. What about Katsura? I know it's decent for lunch. But that's more of a business-lunch ambiance. I bet it would be okay for dinner.

      1. Miso is lacking in atmosphere, but for the experimental sushi lover, it is great! Try their Uni or Oyster shooters. The quail egg sliding down your throat coated in burning vodka ..unforgettable. they also have a roll (no seaweed) that is great.
        Other good first date places (if you wanna get lucky) head to Cavalli...romantic,, but well worth it..get a seat on the banquette and snuggle up..
        Also, try Bis on De la Montagne...formal italian...amazing'll feel like you're in a corner of italy.

        1. Hosteria Romana on Metcalf, is a cozy, comfortable Italian place that often has strolling musicians. Not very expensive.

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