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the most intimate restaurant with great food

looking for a special place.
needs to have great food and nice ambiance.
downtown preferable
any type of food
any price

all rec's please

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  1. Not really as intimate, but Cookshop is the first place that comes to find for seasonal cooking in a nice atmosphere.

    1. The Place (that's the name), W. 4th btwn Bank and W. 12th St, is an extremely intimate/romantic spot with really great food


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        the place is nice. something a bit more upscale though

      2. On both of the URGENT posts you have running on the board you did not give much information so you are being kind of jerky by constantly piping back with 'not x enough' or 'not y enough'. Esp when you wrote: "any type of food / any price"

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          literally any type of cuisine and price is not an issue. that's no being jerky. the ultimate meal! put it that way. hope that helps

        2. uptown, but Masa is the ultimate.
          worth the trip (if you have the $)

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            they don't have availability......

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              Given the parameters, I'd vote for Bouley, as well.


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                Bouley would be a great choice.

              1. We were given a gift certificate for Danube and had a wonderful dinner there.
                Small, very beautiful, excellent food - a delightful experience. Highly recommended!

                1. Much as I love Danube, the room is quite 'haute'. A show.

                  For a cosier, warmer room, and truly great food, my vote is for Bouley.

                  - Sean

                  1. I recommend Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar! My fiance took me there for a special meal and it was truly memorable - as well as diminutive! Definitely a special occasion spot.

                    More casual, but Prune is always lovely too.

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                      JLOB has moved from the townhouse location on 5th to a storefront on 2nd. No longer very special or much ambiance.

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                        yes, sadly that is true. loved the old place. not very excited about trying the new one.

                    2. I would suggest checking out Le Gigot - excellent French food, cozy, on Cornelia St. in the Village - not haute cuisine, but v. good.

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                        I love this place, MMRuth. We recently gave a dinner-for-two to Le Gigot as a wedding gift. It never disappoints. I don't know if this is in the same category as Bouley or an "any price" no-holds-barred choice, but when you're looking for a cozy, romantic, satisfying meal -- definitely give Le Gigot a try. It's the place my husband and I head to when needing a special meal.

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                          Le Gigot is lovely, though it is VERY small, as I recall.

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                            Yes -- it's a small restaurant but I think that lends itself to its cozy intimate ambience. There are some restaurants with the same square footage that are just plain cramped -- but Le Gigot doesn't strike me as too small -- it's just right. I'm not a fan of the table next to the door, especially when it's cold, I'd opt for eating at the bar. But if you make reservations, request one of the tables towards the back.