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Oct 23, 2006 05:27 PM

50th birthday with my sisters in LA...dinner?

My sisters (they are babies, only 40 and 45:)), are taking me out to dinner in LA Saturday night. I live in the Bay Area, so I get to eat pretty well most of the time. However, I don't get the big city edge feeling of LA. For all I love my home town, glamorous it just ain't..

So, I know you all get this question as often as we get the "What is the best Chinese restaurant in Chinatown (answer, it's in Daly City), so sorry to throw out the old chestnut, but it's hard to search for.

If you were a 50-year old woman described, as "pretty, but showing signs of aging", (good friend, can you believe it?), and you were going out for one night in LA, and you were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and you were going out with your similarly featured sisters one of whom is 6 mo. pregnant, and you tended to like most kinds of food, where would you go if you wanted to get that jolt of LA caffeine, and eat well, and pay a price that was value-based, i.e. if it's expensive because it's fabulous and the restaurant is beautiful OK, but expensive just for expensive no thanks.

I lived in Manhattan in the 80's. I guess I am looking for that moment where you sit in a restaurant, and the food is really good, and the environment is killer, and you think, this is it. This is where it, whatever it is, is happening.


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  1. Cut at the Beverly Wilshire, if you can get a reservation.

    1. AOC or Lucques would be my recommendation -- a bit of LA scene, a bit of high quality food, a lot of high quality farmers' produce, and the price points are not insane, compared to other major cities around the globe.

      You'll eat for the fraction of the cost that you would at Cut. Of course, it seems like Cut gives you an amazing meal, but I'll take two or three meals at AOC instead of the one meal at Cut.

      1. AOC, Grace or Norman's.

        1. OK, I checked Grace. Looks like it is a lot of duck, pork, boar etc. I would say we are not in the camp of eating the more outre proteins. More a fish/vege/beef group. I know, I know, boring but I have never liked to eat innards either.

          Now I will look at AOC:). Thanks for the info.

          1. The original comment has been removed