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Oct 23, 2006 04:54 PM

Restaurant openings and closings in Mont. Co.

I've been hearing lots of info on openings in my area (Mont Co) and wanted to see if anyone had any more info:
- The old Michaels restaurant in Ambler (corner of Bethlehem and Butler) recently closed and a sports bar/dance club replaced it. I just drove by and saw the sports bar was replaced with Fireside Restaurant. Parking lot looked pretty full. Has anyone heard of it or been there?
- I heard the old Broad Axe Tavern in Blue Bell was purchased by the owners of Eulogy and they plan to open a Belgian style restaurant there. Is that true? Anyone know the status?
- I also heard two empty properties on Butler Pike in Ambler Boro are both under development for new restaurants? Anyone know what types or restaurants are going in?

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  1. I live in Blue Bell and have not heard a thing.
    Will ask around.

    1. I have been to the fireside - was told I'd have a 20 minute wait - ended up being 80 minutes. Food was salty, cold and unappetizing. When I attempted to talk to the manager he asked me what I knew about running a restaurant - a real nice guy. I suppose it was crowed because everyone was just waiting for a table. If I wanted to wait that long I would have gone to Arpeggio up the street for excellent food - plus smoke free (unlike this dive) and a BYOB as well. Keep driving on Bethlehem Pike - there are better places to go.

      1. Any word on the old Broad Axe? I heard that since they lost the belgian restaurant, they are hoping to open an american bistro type restaurant.

        Also, has anyone heard any word on the Wyndham Hotel on Butler? I heard Fin McCool's restaurant/bar was opening but construction seems to have all but stopped.

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          I drove by Broad Axe yesterday and restoration construction looks full steam ahead. No matter who gets in there, I'm grateful that our 1685 landmark tavern has a new life instead of being leveled for another McPlayground.

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            I was by two weeks ago and they were working.

          2. My office is in the area so we go to the Fireside for lunch. The food is average but so is just about everything else in the neighborhood.

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              La VIta Bella is pretty good for lunch - I work in the city but have been there on the weekends for lunch - might be a bit out of the way depending on where your office is located. Not much else comes to mind...

            2. Michael's closed? We ordered there just a couple weeks ago. wow. Not that I'm shocked, the food was not fabulous.

              Do you know if Asuka/Gaya has opened? That's in the old Savory Grill building on 73. I saw a ton of cars there, but no open for business sign. DH thinks it's just a banquet resto, for large parties. Oh. found this: guess they are open!

              I haven't heard anything more about the Broad Axe. Or the properties on Butler.

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                There's an LCB application posted at Broad Axe.