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THIS is why I can't find Vegemite anymore?!


"The United States has slapped a ban on Vegemite... because Vegemite contains folate, which in the US can be added only to breads and cereals."

That's just wacky.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Last time I went to Cost Plus it was gone, I was forced to buy the expensive Marmite! This is just crazy!

    1. You're right Chris, wacky is the only word for it. Folate is...vitamin B-9, clearly a harmful substance! So harmful that it's been federally mandated to be added to be added to breads and cereals, as the article you linked points out. And why? to prevent neural tube defects in developing fetuses early in pregnancies. So...lord forbid anyone, pregnant or not, consume folate? Vegemite has been available in the US for decades. Whomever is responsible for this is beyond wacky.

      1. WTH? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

        Tastewise, how does Marmite compare?

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          Marmite is close, some feel it's even better. But it's $5.40 a jar vs. $2.30 for a Vegemite jar. I want my Vegemite sandwich now!

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            Does anyone know where to buy Marmite in San Francisco? My friend gave me a jar but he orders his supply online. I was introduced to it recently. I've tried Vegemite before but I like Marmite a little bit better. It has a slightly milder taste. If you've never had either before, don't try a spoonful like peanut butter. Make buttered toast and spread a little bit on.

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              Probably best to ask that quesstion on the San Francisco board- the hounds there will surely know the answer!

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                Marmite can be found pretty regularly at Cost Plus...


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                  I saw Marmite at Faletti's between Oak and Fell near Divisadero

            2. Check out the new Gourmet blog (http://www.epicurious.com/gourmet/blo... ) for a bit more insight to this issue. Apparently the F.D.A. has nothing to do with it. They also say there are no import alerts that mention vegemite and apparently the whole thing is a tiny mistake on the part of Kraft / General Foods.

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                Veeeeery interesting! Here's what she says:

                "it was Kraft/General Foods that discontinued the importation because it misread the Code of Federal Regulations 172.345 (the rule on folate/folic acid)."

                she's digging for more info...

              2. Hey Australia banned it from school tuckshops because it contains ... SALT!

                I prefer Promite ...

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                1. re: Kym

                  ^ um sorry that's an outright lie.

                  Australia has NOT banned it from school tuckshops because it contains ... SALT!

                2. what does this stuff taste like? I've always been curious..is it sweet or savoury?

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                    It's savoury. It's an acquired taste, but most of those who like it,have acquired the taste as a kid. A little goes a long way. I like it best on crisply buttered toast.

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                      I'll try everything once and a friend of mine from Austrailia gave me some on toast...definitely something that goes down better if you grew up on it! I had a roommate from England too...he'd eat Marmite off the spoon like we would peanut butter here in the states. ::shudder::

                    2. Chris, while I've never had Vegemite, this Australian import site has some...a 115g jar is $4.95, while a 445g jar is $11.95.


                      They're based out of Georgia.

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                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        Thanks, it's acutally for hubby and he can settle for Marmite. But he was pretty confused when we couldn't find it anywhere!

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                          It's not really a hoax- Kraft is not importing it and thus it's not available. And the reason Kraft seems to be giving (according to the Gourmet blog linked above) is that it violates one of the FDA's rules. So, no, it's not that the FDA has said that Vegemite specifically is disallowed, but according to their regulations, it is. Or at least that's how it sounds from what the editor at Gourmet is hearing from Kraft.

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                            Or rather, Kraft stpped importing it because they understood it to be violating one of the FDA's regulations (adding folate to something other than bread or cereal), when in fact, according to the Gourmet blogger, the FDA ststes that it doesn't violate that regulation, because the folate is naturally occuring in Vegemite's ingredients, not added in production. So someone at Kraft needs to get it hammered out and check with the FDA. Perhaps if they receive enough email/letters/phone calls, they will do so,

                        2. STill available in Canada in larger supermarket chains or specialty stores.

                          1. If you're in LA, still available on the shelves of Mel & Rose's on melrose ave.

                            1. I just called Cost Plus in Sherman Oaks and the girl told me that they pulled it from the shelves. She told me that corporate said there was something wrong with it...like there was "mercury" in it. I told her that she shouldnt tell that to people who ask about it and that there is no ban on Vegemite. She said that's what corporate said.

                              1. Believe it or not...I have just learned about vegemite as well as marmite. I am in Chicago...does anyone know where I can get it here or is it not in the states? I'm about to visit England...will I find it there?

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                                  I NEED VEGEMITE!
                                  Ex-pats or children of Australians (like me) understand my pain. They can't do this to us! I haven't been able to find it anywhere either.

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                                    Just look above in this thread - I posted a link to a U.S. catalog that has it.

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                                      I was wondering why it was suddenly extra difficult getting a pot of Vegemite/Marmite in Chicago! There's not a huge difference between the two (I've had both, growing up). You will definitely find both in England. Stateside, we joke that the Britons don't know food, but it just turns out that it's just a lack of food issues (they have curry Pringles, hello!). In Chicago, you can get Marmite at Whole Foods for $5. Pricey, but there's no help for that, I suppose. Believe it or not, it's shelved with the bakery supplies!

                                      1. Vegemite was banned for the most simplest of reasons: The almighty dollar and competition! Marmite cost more!