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Oct 23, 2006 04:22 PM

bbq shack on Rachel Ray

Rachels special on bbq loints around featured the shack in chapel hill...Anybody been there?the chef grew up in Kinston...

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  1. I've been there once. If they had a nicer dining area, I probably would have been back by now. I didn't try the Q, but had several sides and they were fantastic. They combine traditional Q and sides with fancy pants stuff. THe food is good, but somehow when I'm in the mood for barbeque I want the more traditional approach that Allen & Sons offers - or even Q shack, which is certainly de-Carolina'd to an extent.

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      In no way am I intending this to be about semantics, but are you sure you are talking about the same place? From your description, you seem to be refering to the BBQ Joint. The only place I can think of with the word Shack in it, is the Q Shack. I only mention this for the sake of clarity. Are we indeed talking about the place on Weaver Dairy or not?

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        Yeah, I'm sure orzobino is referring to the BBQ Joint, since I caught it on Rachel Ray one day as well. I'm thrilled about the prospect of them having a place in downtown Durham. Those pickles are killer.

    2. ...If so, we love the BBQ Joint. They catered our wedding and did a beautiful job. Their icebox pickles are amazing, and most of their sides are delish. Suse, you're right about the ambience, though. It's be great if they had beer, too. There's talk of them opening up a spot in Downtown Durham in a year or so! Can't wait!

      1. Is this the place on Weaver Dairy Rd?

        If it is, I must say that, having tried it based on earlier rave reviews here, I was immensely disappointed. May have been an off day, but I found the 'que to be wet (not moist; wet: there was a puddle of water on the plate where the 'que sat) and mushy, and extremely salty—and that's saying something, because I'm renowned for my heavy hand when it comes to salt. Nice peppery kick, though. Pickles were tasty, but the slaw and beans were fairly bland.

        As I said, may have been an off day, but with Rubs, Allen & Sons, and Murrays all close at hand, I won't go out of my way to give it another try.

        1. I love the BBQ Shack - although you're right, the dining area is spartan at best. But the 'cue is good, the sides are great, and I will never, ever forget the peanut butter banana pudding I had there once.

          They do have some bottled beers, as I recall. Although for a truly great evening, we like to pick up BBQ Shack takeout combined with some interesting beer from the Good Beer Store next door (if it's still open), then settle into the couch for a caloric orgy.

          1. Oh okay, you're referring to the BBQ Joint on Weaver Dairy. Yeah, that's in my general neighborhood. It's not the most authentic que, they smoke the meat for awhile and then finish it int he oven I believe. It's not bad but if I want that style of que I go to Allen & Son, which isn't much further down on 86. Instead, I'd go for their other stuff like the BBQed catfish or smoked sausage plate. They also make their own bacon, andouille, tasso ham, and pastrami, which you can buy by the pound to take home.