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Oct 23, 2006 04:08 PM

Ida's - North End

Ida's has been on my to go list for awhile. Seeing it's neon sign flash before me in a recent Bruin's commercial got me thinking about it; but it really was the driving rain on Friday that got me to go in. In other words it was the closest place and we still got drenched. It's a pleasant little dining room and the wait staff is friendly; but I just didn't care for it. Their red sauce is somewhat acidic and detracted from the veal which also had a mushy bread coating. I will say that I liked the stuffed mushrooms though. It also took an hour to get our meal and we were the second table to order. I understand that they have been there for 50 years, so at some point they must have been doing something right. Has anyone else been recently?

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  1. See Peg? I told you nobody goes to this place. I've walked right past it for years and never even knew it existed.

    1. Thanks for reporting on Ida's. I have a soft spot in my heart for the old-fashioned places. But I know they are not always great dining.

      1. The one thing to get at Ida's (last time I had it was years ago) was the roasted veal chop that came with a pile of caramelized onions. I would be curious if it was still any good.

        1. Went there once -- cute little place down the alleyway, but would never go again. Meal so unmemorable, I completely forgot what we (four of us) had--just remembered that it was to be our first and last time.