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Oct 23, 2006 03:47 PM

cozy italian - anniversary - help

hey - we are celebrating our one year anniversary and we would love to go to a super cozy, great food, fireplace italian (that we can get a reservation for). Help please!

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  1. Apizz. No fireplace, but a wood stove in the dining room.

    1. Whatever happened to [Cafe] Vivolo in the East 60s, off Lex. ? Is that still around and any good? Has a fireplace.

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        It is on 74th and Lex. You are talking about the townhouse, correct, with the cafe next door?

        My DH and I love it there and we are in our 30's but it is not necessarily a young persons place. It is warm and cozy and filled with lots of older couples/persons who have frequented the resto for years. The food is always good to great, IMO and the service is terrific. If you do a search you can look for a recent (summertime) post from me.

        I may not recommend it as a first anniversary destination but I would definitely recommend it.

        Check out this recent post for your search...

      2. They do not have a fireplace but Da Andrea is very cozy with great food and service. Giorgio of Gramercy is also very cozy and has great food and service. Neither place is fancy but they are both very reasonable in price.