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Oct 23, 2006 03:45 PM

Dunn's smoked meat in Edmonton Costco

While at Costco on the weekend, I was surprised to find Dunn's Montreal smoked meat! They're selling them in the refrigerated section, and also in their hot food stand in a bun plus a pickle (after the check out).

Each box comes with six pouches of pre-sliced meat. I picked one up to try and while it doesn't taste as good as getting it in a restaurant, it does taste better than getting it as luncheon meat from the grocery store deli.

Not sure if they're selling them at all the Costco stores; the one I found them at was in the west end.

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  1. The one in NW Calgary has them at the food stand. I haven't looked in the coolers.

    1. Dunn's smoked meat is available at Costco's across Canada. That's been the case for several years.