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update our BAM Ft Greene list . . .

I used to go to Cambodia Cuisine and A Table. They're closed.
Where do YOU go now for date night or pre-theatre around BAM?

Maybe Beisl (across the street), Chez Oskar, Ici, or Madiba . . . Stonehome?
here's a link to a great list of everything, good bad and indifferent, with links to menus etc

The BrooklynNow site also has maps and links for a number of other B'klyn neighborhoods.
VERY handy.


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  1. we've had good meals recently at both ICI and LouLou - The vegetables at Ici were particularly memorable! Warm welcome both places. We have also very much liked Luz on Vanderbilt nr Myrtle, and Olio e Vini, but its been some time since we have visited either. My neighbor recommends Olea (thats in the old A Table space, isnt it?) and managed in the same group as Pequena.

    Cant see Madiba for food if you are serious about food, but the scene and the music are cool.

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      I agree with most of this this. LouLou and Luz are two of my favorites in the neighborhood. Olea is quite good also. However, unlike nearly everyone else, we were quite disappointed in ICI.

      Bonita should be opening soon, if not already. The one in Williamsburg is very good, so I'm hopeful about this one.

    2. A Bistro (Carlton just south of Myrtle) is the best in the neighborhood, by my lights. Delicious, original, spicy "French-West African fusion" that includes delicious black eyed pea fritters, sublime short ribs, lamb curry, great juicy burgers, excellent tofu. A varied and interesting menu, and everything has the chef's signature touch of spice, even the brunch pancakes and the chocolate ginger cake.
      A Bistro
      154 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn 11205
      Btwn Myrtle & Willoughby Ave
      Phone: 718-855-9455

      I live in the middle of the restaurant row and have found Chez Oskar, LouLou and Ici to be fine but not especially interesting, thouugh when there's live jazz, Chez Oskar can be fun. Madiba is obviously a scene but the food is not good. I haven't eaten at Red Bamboo but friends say the food (vegetarian Caribbean?!?) is disappointing. June has good food but is also overpriced for very small plates. Stonehome has a nice atmosphere and good wine; it can be a nice place to sit and relax. The food is not noteworthy and is somewhat pricey.

      The restaurant that took over the A Table space now a Mediterranean place called Olea, and it is very good, if a little pricey. It's kind of middle-eastern more than it is Italian or Greek, but it's definitely not anything like Black Iris or the other clearly middle Eastern places.

      We recently tried the new bar and grill (Mullane's? Something like that) on Lafayette next to the Bagel place; it was pretty nice. Not anything extraordinary, but we needed a fairly cheap burgerish place in the nabe. Salads there are good.

      Thomas Beisl has not impressed me at all.

      The other option from BAM is to head down Atlantic Ave. - a bit more of a walk, but lots of choices.

      1. Agree with the above Madiba--the vibe is so great, it's a shame the food isn't. I've eaten at Olea twice, once for dinner which was very good, and once for brunch which was okay. Olea has one of the most beautiful, warm spaces I've ever seen. I live around the corner, and everyday, as I walk home, I wish I was inside having dinner. Chez Oskar and LouLou are not extraordinary, but they have solid food in a warm, welcoming vibe. I've only been to Luz once and loved it so much I would go out of my way to eat there, but it's a bit of a trek from BAM.

        I do like Thomas Beisl a lot. The food is not out-of-this-world, but it's homey and satisfying, and the prices are very reasonable. It may also be that I'm the kind of girl who loves sausages and beer in big steins; I especially love saying the word "schlag" when ordering dessert. The trout crepe appetizer (I can't remember the exact Austrian name) is very good.

        1. I have to admit I love Chez Oskar, the food isn't the best, but it is decent, and they have great service. Oskar's has some great specials from 30% off their wine list and a nice early bird special during the week. Go on a Tuesday for Moules A GoGo when they have all you can eat mussels for $10.

          1. I think Ici is fantastic. The comment that it's not especially interesting sort of astounds me - they use fresh market ingredients to come up with very neat, new American cuisine (their watermelon salad in the summer is just fantastic). Also don't think Olea is "pricey", or closer to Middle Eastern (though it was when it first opened - now, it's clearly Mediterranean - read: Italian, Greek, French influences). I think all of the entrees (other than the whole roasted fish, which is $21) are under $20 - and they have plenty of tapas plates for $3 and $4 each.

            I'm also a fan of Thomas Biesl. Think it's fantastic Austrian food and very reasonable prices (most of the stew-type dishes, like goulash, the boiled beef, etc., are between $13-15).

            Chez Ozkar is unspectacular but quite reliable - and there's something to be said for that.

            1. Just ate at Stonehome for the 1st time last night. Mostly good but slightly weird experience. There were 5 of us slightly crammed into a banquet area meant for 4 (& we had a reservation). When ordering, we asked our waiter for a red suggestion in the low-mid range that we could pair with our various orders (some meat, some fish). The waiter poured over the wine list in such a lengthy, agonized way that I was a bit worried, but his suggestion turned out to be excellent (though at 48 a bottle, not quite in the range we had asked). The menu felt surprisingly limited, but the food was good -- we started with a few boring salads (oh those ubiquitous $6 piles of plain mesculun)and sharing 2 really good pate appetizers with fig jam, then I had a nice mahi mahi with braised kohlrabi and garlic that was expertly cooked but a bit over-finished with butter. The service was well-meaning but so inconsistent that I assumed the restaurant's new and was really surprised to learn it's not. Ex: non-replenished water and (post-app) silverware. Also,when ordering, we decided we'd all split a cheese plate. We could have been more specific about when we wanted it, but it was sort of funny that they brought at the LEAST likely moment -- with everyone's entrees (thought they kindly took it away to return later). As the night wore on, the place became incredibly packed (the post-BAM crowd, no doubt) and our tight banquet situation felt even tighter.
              In general though, I liked it and could definitely see returning on a non-sat night for some wine flights and cheese & charcuterie.

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                We were part of the post-Bam crowd Saturday. Had similar with the service. Would like to try it on a non-Saturday as well.

              2. We just tried Stir It Up on Atlantic at 3rd Ave == really nice BAM option. Solid Carribean food (jerk, roti, etc) and LOTS of vegetarian options. The vegi-chicken is excellent seitan.

                It's not fancy, but very pleasant and very good food.

                1. Some of the best BBQ I've had in the five boroughs cane now be found within a stone's throw of the BAM(!). It's called the Smoke Joint. Get it? Smoke (a) Joint?! Anyway, avoid the cole slaw...it's much better at a deli. The chicken wings are the stuff dreams are made of. The short ribs are BANGIN! The baby backs are pretty good, but don't have enough sauce applied while being cooked so come off as being a little dry, but the rub they use is tasty. The mac n cheese is decent. Nice vibe. Good selection of beer and soda. Nice, friendly staff. Also, the roast chicken is decent.