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Oct 23, 2006 03:16 PM

Celebration feast at Sichuan Garden Brookline

4 of us went to celebrate a birthday at Sichuan Garden. Waiter thought we were nuts ordering this much but we finished 90% of it.

We got:
Hot and Sour soup - average nothing special

Pan Seared Pork Dumplings - typical pan fried dumplings, nicely done though, not too doughy or mushy.

Dandan noodles w/minced pork chili - strange version, the noodles were more like plain old prince spaghetti rather then chinese style. Less pork then i would have liked.

Sichuan pork dumplings w/ roasted chili vinagrette - spicy hot, not much filling. Same sauce as the dandan but w/o the pork.

Shredded camphur tea duck w/ spring ginger - This one I wasnt thrilled with. Alot of veggies not so much duck, not too interesting to me.

Stir fried chicken w/ spicy capsicum - Very good flavor, nice dish. A bit too much of the spicy capsicum. I sort of picked around most of it.

sauteed prawns w/ black bean sauce - very good version

panfried noodles w/ chicken - Better at a Cantonese place. Noodles are thicker here, really not their specialty.

Seafood hot pot. - very interesting. Fish balls,tofu, shrimp, glass noodles, scallops in a firey broth. We were not quite sure what to do with all the broth. Its almost like it should have been a soup. Had alot of whole Cumin seeds in it which im used to having in indian food or sausages. Took a bit getting used to w/ chinese food.

The hot pot was off the "secret" chinese only menu. They couldnt find an english version of it but apparantly at one time they had one. Id like to know what else was on that menu as that was my favorite dish. I knew they must have had hot pots and none were on the english menu so i just had them make me one.

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  1. I'm overdue for a trip to SG. a few of my favorites and worth trying are the wenjun prawns and pigs foot (shank) off the Chinese menu. I also really like the beef/napa cabbage from the reg menu.

    That chicken with spicy capsicum is quite the dish..:)

    1. I think Galleygirl long ago posted a scan of that translated Chinese menu, but I checked and the links don't work anymore. But there are several old threads on SG that have good descriptions of some of the items on the menu -- here's one:

      I'm also overdue for those wenjun prawns -- SO good.