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Marina Del Rey area - tonight

Does anyone have any recs for my birthday dinner tonight in the MDR area? I know that Monday is not always the best as far as restaurants being open, but tonight is the night. Any cuisine welcome. Thank you in advance! ;-)

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  1. Beechwood.
    James Beach
    Canal Club

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    1. re: yogachik

      I would stay away from Canal Club overpriced food that is mediocre at best.

    2. Price range? Type of Food? Size of party? All helpful when posting a question such as yours. My recommendations:

      Wharo (Korean)
      Beach 26 (Unique burgers, pasta, entrees, American Fare)
      Baby Blues BBQ (Casual, BBQ setting)
      Cafe Del Rey (Cal French/Seafood)

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      1. re: tatertots

        Sit in the garden at 26 Beach, it is really nice & heated. The food selection is huge and good, they make their own burger buns and salad dressings and almost everything there. Save room for dessert !

        3100 Wasington Blvd.

      2. If you like Korean Barbecue, which I always think is fun:

        4029 Lincoln Blvd.
        Marina Del Rey
        Tel – (310) 578 7114

        Plesant atmosphere, not to exspensive.

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            26 beach is good but it's pretty casual, as are most of the req's. In MDR, your best "nice bday dinner" bets are Chart House and Cafe del Rey.

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              Chart House is so, Chart House, if you want that go to Cafe Del rey. I stand by 26 Beach though, the atmosphere is casuaul but the food is really good, Burgers to Filet & a Great Rack of Lamb. The Garden area reminds me of the Ivy.

          2. How about Sapori in Fisherman's Village?

                1. C & O
                  Baja Cantina

                  ...really depends on price and type of food...

                  1. I'll say it again: Beechwood.

                    Restaurant area is closed on Monday nights, but the bar area/patio is open and the bar menu is fantastic (I love the skirt steak), with everything under $14 (burger is GREAT). You can get a table on the patio and hear each other talk - it's a great spot.

                    I would avoid Charthouse at all costs - talk about overpriced and mediocre!!! That is one of the most expensive, and awful, chains that exist in LA.

                    1. Antica Pizza is pretty good for pizza and pasta.

                      If you head out towards Washington and find C&O too crowded, check out Gaby's Mediterranean Cafe.

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                        I live in MDR and can honestly say there is no such thing as a "great dining experience" in our immediate vicinity. Beechwood is fun, but the food's aiight. Yes, the sweet potato frites are ok but nothing compared to Father's Office. Chart House may be a bit
                        on the traditional side (I tend to like more creative cuisine), but the food is solid.