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Oct 23, 2006 02:58 PM

Jury Duty!! Where to eat...?


I'll be down on Center Street all week, so I would LOVE some suggestions for good eats nearby. Nothing fancy: banh mi sandwiches? And just about anything else except hot dogs? Thanks!!

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  1. To start with, Nha Trang on Centre Street for pho, grilled pork chop w/vermicelli, etc. or Saigon Banh Mi on 138 Mott for the obvious.

    1. You took the food, er, words, right out of my mouth. I look forward to jury duty for that reason. Try the frogs' legs at nha trang too.

      1. i agree one hundred percent. crab and asparagus soup is my recommendation.

        1. Unfortunately, Nha Trang Centre ain't what it used to be, so beware and see this thread:

          1. 1. Forlini's on Baxter street for a hot italian hero. They have a bar menu for takeout only, call and order it and sit in Columbus Park or take it back to the Central Jury Room.
            2. Alleva on Grand and Mulberry for italian meat and cheese sandwiches. They make the mozz in the back. One warning, order a half sandwich or they will give you a full hero and charge you $12.
            3. Fried dunplings from the tiny place on Mosco or Tasty Dumpling on Mulberry.
            4. Any sandwich from Despana on Broome between Center and Lafyette.
            5. Tortas and tacos from the lunch counter section of La Esquina on Kenmare between Center and Lafyette. Grab a slice of cheesecake from Eileens across the street.
            6.Joe's Shanghi, Pell street, for soup dumplings.

            If you have more time at lunch you can go over to West Broadway and check out Odeon, Petit Abielle, Bouley Bakery and The Square Diner.

            If you go down to Worth Street you can try Carl's, Sophie' Cuban or the Pakistani Tea House.

            Finally, for breakfast, the Greek Diner on Grand just west of Lafyette is cheap and good or you can pick up great pastry and good coffee from Cece Cela on Spring and walk down to the courthouse. For a real indulgence have breakfast at Balthazar. They open at 7:30 so you can have a relaxing meal, read the paper and get to court with time to spare.