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Oct 23, 2006 02:53 PM

Dumb question: What are sliders?

I keep coming across this expression but don't know what it means. Can anyone clue me in? Thanks.

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  1. It's a slang term for White Castle hamburgers. I think it originated in the Chicago area, although I'm not sure.

    1. Small burgers started by White Castle. Theirs are really small and square and on a specially made square bun. They're called sliders because they are presumed to be greasy and slide right down. Lunch is about six of these little sliders. Mine at home are about 2 oz and I cook them on the George Forman to eliminate some grease and put them on a dinner roll. A couple or three of these is usually enough for lunch.

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      1. re: yayadave

        While I agree that they are slimy, I believe the term sliders refers to how they are removed from the grill. Since they are so small, several can be slid off the edge onto waiting buns in a single swipe.

        1. re: phofiend

          Ah, well - I only said "they are presumed to be greasy." And I never mentioned gray in color!

      2. They slide right in and they slide right out! How's that for being blunt? :)

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        1. re: MaggieB

          And the morning after, it tastes like a dead baby owl crapped in your mouth.

        2. When we're not talking about the unfortunate late-night jones for a paper sackful of grey meat & steamed onions, we might be talking about the other form of slider: an oyster shucked into a shot glass, sometimes dotted with a jolt of Tabasco.

          The idea is to toss it back and let it slide right down your throat.

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            That might be another part of town.

          2. We used to call these belly bombers.