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Oct 23, 2006 02:32 PM

George Brown "Bake Shop"

I posted a query about Siegfried's. But I have been going the "bake shop" since I started taking some non-cooking courses at George Brown.

Without a doubt it's the best deal in the city. It's a take-out. Entrees cost $1 to $3 and include main dish and side. Breads are 2 loaves for $1! The breads are what's being called artisan type and are often top notch. Desserts are between $3 and $4! Over the summer I've bought excellent full sized Strawberry shortcakes, chocolate mousse, creme caramel, napoleans, mousse tortes, eclairs. Prices include tax.

The retail bakeshop is located adjacent to the cafeteria, on the lower level, at the Centre for Hospitality and Tourism at 300 Adelaide Street East.
call 416-415-5000 ext. 2515 for day's selection.

It opens at noon and stays open until food is sold out.

WARNING: It is kind of popular and food sells out fast. The regulars seem to be somewhat "hoggish" but GB has instituted a limit of one item per selection. People start lining up before 11:30 to get best selection.

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  1. The cooked food and baked goods are usually great. Everything is made by Baking students or students learning Large Quantity Cooking. It's all freshly made on the day of sale.

    1. while i do agree that it is both a great deal and great quality, i won't buy there. this is because when i was a student there, we paid around $1200 to do the baking class, and we were tolad that the food wasn't paid for in this cost. if we wanted to keep the food WE just made, we had to pay for it. if we didn't, they would sell it to the public {for more than we could buy it for, thats why they told us it was a great deal for us to buy it....our food....that we paid to make}. kinda like a sweat shop. either way, they stood to make more money on what we all paid them to make in the first place.

      1. Hi chefworm. I, too, was a student there back in 1998/99 (Culinary Management). If the food we made was good, I paid the couple of bucks and took it home; I was thankful to not have to cook for my husband and two kids when I came home.

        I always did wonder, however, what happened to the cash that the chef instructors collected from the students. Was each and every dollar handed in to Accounting?

        As for people buying the food there, George Brown is in a pretty depressed area (although it's gradually becoming condo-ized and gentrified). I remember that most of the people lining up for the budget food and baked goods were working class people who were fortunate to be able to get such food at affordable prices; a good thing.

        1. For the record, the evening classes you got to take everything home. I agree though Chefworm, what a rip off that you had to pay for the work you just did.

          I would agree with a system where you could take what you want home and donate the rest to the college or a charity like the Daily Bread.

          1. To set the record straight: We got to take home the food that we made (usually portions of four) in the "Small Quantity" course, as well as the baked goods we made in the Intro Baking courses.

            We had to pay for food made in the Large Quantity course and in the Advanced Pastry course, which were made as team work, not individually.