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Oct 23, 2006 02:29 PM

Bowen's Island Catastrophy

The iconic Charleston oyster restaurant, Bowen's Island -- which received the James Beard Foundation's "American Classic" award earlier this year -- suffered a major fire this weekend. All the buildings, including the newer one by the dock (and the dock, as well) were consumed by the fire. The owner's have vowed to rebuild.

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  1. I hated to hear this news. In the three years since I moved to Charleston, I'd yet to make it out there. I'm allergic to oysters, so I've been trying to find an oyster-lover to take there so I could at least enjoy the experience vicariously. I hope they do rebuild, but often in such cases, despite the best intentions, it never happens...

    1. This hurts me to the core. I trust no one was injured?

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      1. re: Ellen of SC

        There were no reported injuries to people... just to memories and BI's unique ambiance.

      2. I was really sorry to hear about Bowen's Island, I was looking forward to eating there during oyster season. I hope they do rebuild, I just can't think of another like it in the Charleston area.

        It was a double blow for me this weekend, not only did I hear about BI but I also heard about Anchor Line closing. Just to add to this thread a little, now where do I go? Is there anywhere else besides The Wreck?

        1. If I remember right a lot of the building was made out of cement blocks so maybe it won't be as hard to re-build... though given the location I bet it took awhile for the fire department to show up.

          1. Bowens Island Bummer
            An email from Robert Barber made its way to us on Sunday afternoon with some horrible news:

            Dear Friends,

            Today is a very sad day for me and my family. Last night, Bowens Island restaurant burned down. My grandparents started the restaurant in the 1940s and I've had the honor and pleasure of running it for the last 16 years. The restaurant has always been a special place for me, my family and many fine customers, and we are now incredibly saddened by our loss. Let me assure you, however, that we will rebuild and continue to carry on this great Lowcountry tradition.

            Keep us in your thoughts and prayers,