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Oct 23, 2006 02:28 PM

Keg Sliders

I recently tried the sliders (3 small burgers) at the Keg on Church and front. They are modelled on the Hal burger trio concept and although they are not yet on the menu you can order them if you ask the server.

I have had them twice and have been really impressed. Thick and nicely charred on the outside and juicy and flavourful on the inside. I must admit some trepidation over whether they are 100% ground beef but I still really enjoyed them. Anyone else tried these yet?

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  1. Pricing? Are they served as an app, or a main? Any sides?

    1. are they sliders or mini-burgers?

      i was given the impression that sliders are steamed meat typified by tiny holes that allow even heating and cooking. therefore... charring is much less likely. ie. the love it or hate it nature of white castle... which i'm damn curious about.

      1. I actually tried these a couple of weeks back, having been there with some friends and not quite hungry enough for a steak. They were pretty tasty.

        From what I remember, they were $8.95, and came with a side of Fries & Onion Strings. They are more mini-burger than sliders, fairly substantial. They were on the Bar Menu, but not the regular Menu.

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          When I last ordered them I had to order the fries separately but they supposedly come with the onion strings. I believe the slider terminology is just the Keg using the term loosely. Both time I've had them I had them as a main not an app.

        2. If you are wondering, please see this thread for an explanation of what sliders are:

          1. Tried them at The Keg with some beer and thought they were pretty tasty. Reason for the post though is to clear up that the trio burger was around long before Hal opened. But Hal does a have a first! First place to charge more than $10.00 for a completely crappy burger. Are they still open?