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Keg Sliders

I recently tried the sliders (3 small burgers) at the Keg on Church and front. They are modelled on the Hal burger trio concept and although they are not yet on the menu you can order them if you ask the server.

I have had them twice and have been really impressed. Thick and nicely charred on the outside and juicy and flavourful on the inside. I must admit some trepidation over whether they are 100% ground beef but I still really enjoyed them. Anyone else tried these yet?

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  1. Pricing? Are they served as an app, or a main? Any sides?

    1. are they sliders or mini-burgers?

      i was given the impression that sliders are steamed meat typified by tiny holes that allow even heating and cooking. therefore... charring is much less likely. ie. the love it or hate it nature of white castle... which i'm damn curious about.

      1. I actually tried these a couple of weeks back, having been there with some friends and not quite hungry enough for a steak. They were pretty tasty.

        From what I remember, they were $8.95, and came with a side of Fries & Onion Strings. They are more mini-burger than sliders, fairly substantial. They were on the Bar Menu, but not the regular Menu.

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          When I last ordered them I had to order the fries separately but they supposedly come with the onion strings. I believe the slider terminology is just the Keg using the term loosely. Both time I've had them I had them as a main not an app.

        2. If you are wondering, please see this thread for an explanation of what sliders are: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          1. Tried them at The Keg with some beer and thought they were pretty tasty. Reason for the post though is to clear up that the trio burger was around long before Hal opened. But Hal does a have a first! First place to charge more than $10.00 for a completely crappy burger. Are they still open?

            1. Sliders should be dripping with onion juice as they are steam fried and not grilled. (a la White Castle) These sound like mini-burgers to me, NOT sliders.

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                They are mini burgers. The Keg staff used the term sliders but they are not sliders.

              2. I've never had a good mini-burger.

                I've had atrocious dry meatball-like mini-burgers on stale buns at two places - 1., that restaurant that used to be on King West (north side west of Bathurst, not Loft but some name like that, very stylish white decor + patio, terrible service, closed about two years ago... ringing any bells?) and 2., a restaurant in NY that I can't remember anything about at all.

                Anyway, I've never had a mini-burger worth eating. I would love to, though :-)

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                  I would agree with the exception of the Church Street Keg mini burgers. Really juicy and tasty. They are definitely worth a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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                    The only true mini-burger is a White Castle. Since the 1920s, the original fast food burger joint, and the original fast food burger. All others are just imitations of the "slyder" and some of them don't even slide. I've got the craving!!!

                  2. I'm with Aardvark... these are great. My wife and I had some Keg gift card dollars to use up but weren't very happy with our last meal experience there. So we just went and sat in the bar area and used up the balance on drinks and sliders. I agree, they are incorrectly named, as they are simply mini-burgers, definitely not steamed over onion or any of that jazz. But, wow! They tasted fantastic, very juicy, not dry at all. Probably the only good reason I can think of to visit the Keg, at least the Church St. location.

                    1. Love the mini burger trio at Trevor. hard part is going in with a date and trying to figure who gets the last one...