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Red Chili Chocolate Gelato

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At Ed's Real Scoop in the Beaches. Good stuff.

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  1. Wow... thanks for the heads up! That sounds amazing.

    1. I'm gonna see if it tastes anything like the jalapeno chocolate fudge I got in Quebec City recently...

      1. How was the jalapeno chocolate fudge? I once picked up chili fudge (not chocolate) in the Okanagan and it was a bust.

        This gelato was very good, although the chili kick was a tad unrefined to begin with. Reminded me of Mexican chocolate icebox cookies a friend makes.

        1. Or try the amazing Mayan hot chocolate from Soma at the Distillery (arguably the best chocolatier in Toronto) made with ancho chiles, cinnamon, etc. The stuff is thick and decadent with a spicey undertone that gives a kick but does not overwhelm. Great for cold winter days.

          1. I liked it..sometimes things you don't expect to go together actually do.Something like Mexican mole sauce. Which brings to mind something I wonder about-who were the very first people that said pork chops and applesauce, lamb and mint sauce, and turkey and cranberry go together??

            1. Discovered Ed's Real Scoop at Candy Hut at Islington/Rathburn in Etobicoke, but they didn't have the chile chocolate flavour. However, I enjoyed chocolate-toffee and pumpkin varieties.

              1. Oh dear, as happy as I am that others share the magic that is Ed's, I hope he doesn't go too big. I reallyt think Greg lost a bit of his gift when he went bigger production.

                1. I liked it and will have it again, but Ed's chili chocolate could really use a bit more finesse. The chili kind of rides on top of the chocolate and makes it grainy rather than being seamlessly integrated.

                  That sounds really pretentious. Sorry :-(

                  1. Not pretentious at all -- more accurate than my initial caveat: "the chili kick was a tad unrefined to begin with". You've nailed the shortcoming of an otherwise delicious gelato. Hoepfully Ed is a chowhound and will take it to heart!

                    And if he is, maybe he could whip up a bunch of his marsala custard...