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Oct 23, 2006 01:19 PM

Thoughts on Doughboys?

Looking for a good breakfast spot. What's your thoughts on Doughboys? How does it compare to BreadBar and BLD?

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  1. Doughboys' breakfast menu is heavier and less "modern" than the newer places, but they have some very tasty items. I like a lot of their dishes, like the olive bread and eggs in a hole. But several recent posters have reported problems lately at Doughboys with cleanliness and service. Check it out and let us know if it's still good or if they need to clean up their act.

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      Well, here is a link to the health dept. website. Enter doughboys and Los Angeles and the results show they got one B, and three A ratings in their most recent rankings by the Health Dept., so cleanliness should not be a big issue to poster. Now as to service or what you like to eat...

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        And everyone remember, a B is not a big deal.

        The Health Dept. are kind of looney at times...

    2. For months I've been hearing that a Hollywood version of Doughboys is opening on Highland. I think it was supposed to open over the summer. Anyone know the scoop?

      I enjoy their soups and salads, but can't deal with the wait/vibe at the original.


      1. The food is pretty heavy, and there are only a few items that I really like. Some of their ingredient combos just don't work for me.

        If you're in search of a good breakfast in the area, I recommend going a block from Doughboys and eating at Quality.

        1. I've lived a couple blocks from Doughboys for the last 5 years. When I first moved here and was young and poor (heh.. now i'm old and poor =), I was really excited about Doughboys because it was very reasonably priced and the servers were really nice and friendly (this was especially refreshing after my first (and last) visit to Quality, where the food was overpriced but came with a free serving of rude, rude, *rude* snobbery)).

          Over the years, I've kind of soured on Dougbboys. The sandwiches are good, but there are a lot of weird things on the menu -- sometimes you just want some eggs and toast, and that's not an option here. The portions tend towards HUGE, and the comfort food theme means very heavy fatty dense rich foods. They certainly don't subscribe to less-is-more.
          And yet that doesn't always even mean it's delicious -- the fried potatoes they offer with all sorts of toppings could be a fatty indulgence, but they're kind of soggy and soft -- they don't even hit the spot.

          So, I've gone there a lot less frequently recently. I will say this though -- in spite of all I said about the heaviness, the French onion soup is kind of a revelation. Yes, it's heavy and thick, and gigantic, and covered with about an inch-thick layer of cheese, but it's *good*.

          I've said it before (in the diner post), but if you drive a few blocks to Pico and Hauser, CJ's is cheap, delicious, no attitude, awesome breakfast. Especially the huevos rancheros.

          And if you're looking to go a little fancier, yes, breadbar is delicious. I had a really great experience there, which I wrote about here, with picture:

          Haven't gone to bld yet, but have heard good things.

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            Hi I think your review of Doughboys is fair and near to my own perceptions, though I reckon I enjoy Doughboys just a bit more than you. Since they are not located in my neighborhood, I've never thought of them as a place to travel to for simple eggs/toast breakfast fare, but rather as an indulgence when we've wanted something large and, well, caloric (such as the over-the-top concoction involving french toast, bananas, melting chocolate). Despite my somewhat 'nervous' disposition, I've nevertheless generally found their waitstaff's casual/hollywood vibe to be just fine, varying from aloof-but-efficient to hipster-friendly. maybe we've just been lucky...

            1. re: silence9

              let me clarify. i have no problems with the waitstaff at doughboys. in fact they've always been really friendly. i was commenting on the waitstaff at Quality just up the street -- i only went there once and the waitress was so rude that it kept me from ever going back.

          2. My SO and I met some friends at Doughboys for brunch a couple weekends ago. I had never been there, but I love so many restaurants in the area, I had high hopes. Sadly, these hopes were not at all born out by our experience.

            First of all, we sat at a booth inside, and the side I was on faced a window. It was so dark inside and so bright outside that I couldn't see our friends sitting across from us except in silhouette. This might not sound like a big deal, but it was both physically uncomfortable for our eyes, and also quite disconcerting to have to converse with your friends without being able to see them. I felt like they were in a witness protection program. I would have asked to change tables or have them pull the window shades, but there were no other tables open, and there didn't appear to be any window shades.

            This might have been forgivable if the food was good - however, it wasn't. I got the frittata with pesto, and the eggs were tough, the cheese was rubbery, and the pesto was flavorless. The portion was huge, but in an unappetizing rather than decadent way. I didn't want to insult our friends, who had chosen the place, so I forced some of it down, but it really wasn't pleasant.

            To anyone considering Doughboys for breakfast, I strongly recommend King's Road Cafe instead for a similar ambience and vastly superior food - or BLD for a more upscale ambience and vastly superior food. I have had numerous breakfasts at both of these places, and loved them all. And never suffered any damage to my optical nerves.