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Oct 23, 2006 12:57 PM

Outstanding Beijing Dinner

My wife and I stumbled upon an outstanding restaurant in Beijing. Source is located in an old Chinese courtyard house (siheyuan) in a hutong near the Hou Hai. The rooms are very attractively decorated. They are quiet, with some Chinese music playing in the background. The menu is prix fixe with subsitutions possible. We simply asked for the non-spicy version and were given thirteen dishes, most of which were quite small. The appetizers were brightly flavored. The main courses--chicken and mushrooms in a bambooo tube and beef cooked in beer in a casserole--were mild and fully flavored. The dumpling wrappers were thin, the filling rich. The dessert, a sort of canneloni (sp?) was the best I've ever had in a Chinese restaurant. A description of each item would be tedious; eating them was anything but. The service is attentive and thoughtful. We recommend this place highly.

Source; telephone 64003736. address No. 14, Banchang Hutong

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  1. "The service is attentive and thoughtful."

    Haven't been to Beijing for about 2 years, attentive and thoughtful was not an option then, sounds like things have really changed for the better.

    1. I cannot even begin to imagine what a Chinese cannoli would be (canneloni are a kind of pasta). What was in the filling?

      1. It was egg roll size and shape, but the wrapper was not the usual egg roll wrapper. It was lighter and multi-layered. The filling was somewhat sweet. We thought it might be the light green bean paste we see occasionally. It definitely was not the dark red very sweet bean paste. BTW, Wikipedia says cannoli are tube-shaped pastries with a sweet filling.