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Oct 23, 2006 12:49 PM

Wine storage in the tropics

I would like some advice on keeping wine at is best in tropical climates. I live in Costa Rica, and while I can obtain a decent ammount of quality wines, my proper storage capabilities are rather limited. Does any one have any suggestions? I mean, can red wine be kept in a fridge and then brought up to temperature before serving? What should I do? Thanks.

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  1. It can be for short periods of time. But the constant vibration of the compressor are not good if you are planning on laying down bottles for an extended time.
    Why not invest in a wine cooler/cellar? If they are not available in Costa Rica, you might consider buying a small refrigerator and modifying it to eliminate the vibrations. Many years ago, I bought an old fridge, detached the compressor from the frame, mounted it on a board and it just sits on the floor under the unit. I am able to keep my wine at 55-60 degrees. It will hold about 70 bottles.

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      That is an excellent suggestion! Thank you very much!

    2. You can get wine-cellar cooling units from Vinotemp. Prices are lower if you buy through the Wine Club (not a club, just a discount store):

      1. A wine refrigerator is a great idea. Remember, though, that when you bring red wines up to "room temperature," it shouldn't be the actual 90-95 degree F temperature of your room.

        I stayed in Mexico for some months and found that red wines nearly always had to be cooled well below the ambient room temperature to be at their best, i.e. 65-70 degrees F. They taste slightly cool in the tropical heat, but they drink a lot better.

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          Also great suggestion. Thank you Mr. Cookie.