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Oct 23, 2006 10:41 AM

old florida seafood wilton manor

Any recent opinions .

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  1. I haven't been there in a few months, but Old Florida is a place that changes very little with the passage of time. They have been there for many, many years and provide friendly service with reasonable prices. With the exception of the raw bar and the conch chowder, the food is average at best.

    1. Time for Old Florida Seafood to freshen up. Place is old and tired. With all the new construction in the area.You would think they could clean the place up a little. Far as the food ? Have had three bad meals in a row.We always loved Old Florida sorry!!!!

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        Happyone, I believe the reason they haven't done anything as far as clean-up or remodeling is concerned is because the entire shopping center has been sold. They. along with Lotus, the antique shops, and the theater will be gone.

      2. cucuzza, Sorry to hear that.Has Lotus found a new place??What are some of your Favorites in and around Fort Lauderdale.We spend about a week a month there.Takes time to find great places. Thanks

        1. I don't know when the center will be razed and if Lotus has found another location yet.
          I will however, try to get some new information on my next visit there.

          As far as some of my favorites go, they're pretty much in sync with the places often mentioned on this site.

          Chinese ----- Golden Pond
          ----- Lotus

          Thai ----- Sukhothai
          ----- Thai Spice
          ----- Galanga

          Vietnamese ----- Pho Nam Do Noodle House

          Italian ----- Casa D'Angelo
          ----- Cafe Vesuvio
          ----- Cafe Vico

          Fish ----- Sunfish Grill
          ----- Calypso
          ----- Rustic Inn

          Mexican/Spanish ----- Eduardo De San Angelo

          Cuban ----- Don Arturo

          Hamburger ----- Jack's
          Hot Dog ----- Hot Dog Heaven
          Sub Sandwich ----- La Spada's
          Pizza ----- Anthony's
          Deli ----- Pomperdale
          BBQ ----- Georgia Pig
          Breakfast ----- Cypress Nook
          ----- The Floridian
          ----- Original Pancake House
          ----- Grampa's

          As you can see, no secrets! All good solid places that wouldn't that wouldn't evoke much disagreement from the locals.

          These were off the top of my head so I'm sure I've forgotten to mention a few more.

          PLEASE -- no replies asking why I left so-and-so off the list. These happen to my favorites!