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Oct 23, 2006 06:49 AM

Is Cassels the one and only non-overprised, overrated hamburger?

I'm tired of 13 dollar burgers, small portions, and hype. I want a meaty rare and large burger. I just tried Father's office, and well yes it is fab, wonderful, great, a foodie burger.Worth 13 bucks though? Hardly, i mean those onions are most of its flavor. Today I tried Pie n Burger up in Pasadena, cute place, but man was it small and pricy. My burger was cooked perfectly but it was small. I don't like small! Any suggestions, im tired of Apple Pan type burgers. Where can I get a wet rare,bohemeth burger? Is Cassel's alone? Good quality rare large patties and grilled onions are my key to happiness.

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  1. Sorry to post about the same place in quick succession, but head to Philly West on Westwood Blvd just south of Santa Monica Blvd, on the east side with parking in the back. They do a good Philly cheesesteak, but their char-grilled burger is their real secret and prize. Oblong, served on the same roll, with grilled onions. Not afraid to serve it pink in the middle and drippingly juicy. Yum! And barely $5. My favorite burger in L.A.

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      sounds perfect and near uCLA. Thank you!

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        Great Place. Definalty a great find. The Burger was on the small side but was exactly what I was looking for. I will be a regular.

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          A (simple & brief) Word of Caution - According to previous posts, their Burger tastes better at Lunch than at Dinner as Philly West employs a different Chef during each time period....

      2. For huge, tasty and reasonably priced burgers, try B&R's Old Fashion Burgers:

        B&R's Old Fashion Burgers
        3512 W. Rosecrans Ave
        (310) 679-4774

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          Yea but the one time that I went I was rudely told that they don't do rare and the OP states that he wants rare!

        2. Try 26 Beach, they make their own buns and patties. it is $10, but i comes with a nice size dinner salad or fries. They will cook any way you want and grilled onions is no problem, i get mine with grilled and raw, yummy.

          26 Beach Restaurant
          3100 Washington Blvd just west of Lincoln

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            I thought this place closed, but maybe they just moved. I have heard this is a must try. I will be there soon!

          2. Oh yeah, Try Yanackis on Valley Blvd. in El Monte, it is east of the 605 frwy. I get the double cheese, I do not know about cooking rare, but i really am digging these char grilled burgers as of late.

            1. I like the burgers at Tops on Walnut in Pasadena. Big, with great flavor. Yum! Also, their chicken tostada salad is wonderful as well!